Gmail is used by millions of people professionally. It makes communication pretty simple and interactive.

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Suddenly, my Gmail account stopped syncing calendar and contacts properly. Initially, I couldn’t find out what was wrong with it. Fortunately, some tricks came to my rescue and helped me fix the issue. If you have also faced with this Gmail syncing issue on your Android smartphone, check out these solutions to resolve it.

How to Fix Gmail Sync Problem on Android

How to Fix Gmail Sync Problem on Android

Solution #1: Remove Your Gmail Account and Re-add it.

The easiest way I could fix this syncing issue is that I deleted the Gmail account and re-added it.

Settings → Accounts → Google → Choose your Google account → Remove account.

Remove account Gmail Account

Then, Settings → Accounts → Add account.

Add account Gmail Account

Solution #2: Clear Cache

Step #1. Open Settings app. Scroll down and tap on Apps.

Tap on Apps

Step #2. Find the Gmail app tap on it.

Find the Gmail app tap on it

You should see the “app info” screen with technical details such as the app’s version number and how much storage space it has captured. Now, you have to scroll down to the Cache section, then tap Clear cache. Now, reboot your phone and see if the problem has been fixed.

Tap on storage, then tap Clear cache

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Solution #3: Check Sync Settings on your Gmail App

Based on your sync settings, the Gmail app might not be checking for new mail.

Step #1. Open the Gmail app. On the left, you need to tap on menu .

Step #2. Tap on Settings. In case, select the account you are not getting email for.

Step #3. Now, uncheck Sync Gmail. Then, reboot your smartphone. Once, it has restarted, open Gmail and check this Sync Gmail.

On several Android phones and tablets, there is an option to turn off sync for all apps at once. You might have disabled by accident.

On Smartphone running Android 5.0 or later.

Step #1. First off, close the Gmail app. Then, you need to open Settings

Step #2. Under “Personal,” tap on Accounts.

Step #3. At the top-right corner, tap on More.

tap on More

Now, you need to uncheck Auto-sync data. Then, reboot your smartphone. Once it has restarted, check Auto-sync data.

Uncheck Auto-sync data

(On smartphone running Android 4.4 and below:

Open Settings → Data usage → More → Auto-sync data.)

Solution #4: Factory Data Reset

If the above-mentioned solutions have not yielded the desired result, factory data reset your smartphone. I agree that it is painful but it can let you resolve the problem. Make sure to back up your device as it will erase all the data.

Step #1. Open Settings menu → Backup & reset. Enter your pattern, PIN, or password, if you have set it.

Tap on Backup & reset

Step #2. Under “Personal data,” tap on Factory data reset. Now, tap on Reset phone.

tap on Factory data reset. Now, tap on Reset phone

If you have a screen lock, enter your pattern, PIN, or password.

Tap on Erase everything in the prompt to erase all data.

Once the process of erasing, has been completed, select the option to reboot it.

After you have set up your device, restore your old data. (Settings → Backup & reset → Automatic restore)

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That’s it!

Hopefully, these solutions are able to troubleshoot this problem. If they have clicked for you, we would like to know your feedback. At the same time, if you know any tip worth sharing, do let us know that as well.

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