Whereas Apple says goodbye to its most desirable home button with its brand new iPhone X. They introduced new screen gesture to access home screen. It makes easier to go to the home screen using the swipe up from the bottom instead of using physical home screen button. But, if you want to get iPhone X swipe home screen feature on your android phone, then you are the right place to learn about how to get it.

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It is very easy to get iPhone X gesture feature on any Android phone with the help of the “All in One Gestures” app. All you have to do is install the app and execute a few steps and all done. Follow the below-mentioned instruction to get this brand new feature on your Android phone.

How to Get the iPhone X's Swipe To Go Home Gesture on Android PhoneHow to Get the iPhone X’s Swipe To Go Home Gesture on Android Phone

Step #1. Download and install “All in One Gestures” app from the Google Play Store.

Download and Install All in One Gestures app on AndroidStep #2. Open the app and allow certain permissions for the app to work.

Open the All in one Gestures App on AndroidStep #3. Now, Turn ON the switch next to Allow modify system settings.

Turn On All in one Gestures to Allow system settingsStep #4. Next, Tap on “Enable” to active the swipe gesture under the Swipe option.

Tap on Enable to Turn On the Switch in All in one Gestures appStep #5. Once you tap the “Enable,” the app will show you information at the bottom. Just tap on it.

Tap on Pop up to go on Accessibility settings on AndroidStep #6. Now, tap on “All in one Gesture” from the Accessibility list and toggle ON to allow access.

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Tap on All in one Gestures and Turn On the SwitchStep #7. Go back to the main menu and switch the toggle next to “Enable.”

Tap on Enable to Turn on the Switch in All in one GesturesStep #8. Tap on “Bottom Area” and select “Home” from the pop-up list.

Tap on Bottom Area option and Select HomeThat’s it!

Now your Android device is ready with the iPhone X’s new swipe to go home gesture features. Correspondingly, you can also add certain gestures on the right, left and a top edge to your beloved smartphone.

Well, once you enable the iPhone X like feature on Android device with the All in one Gesture. The app will show a slight shadow at the bottom of the app while using another app on the device. That seems annoying. But, you can pass from sight it via below steps:

Step #1. Open All in one Gestures app → Tap on three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the app.

Tap on All in one Gestures menuStep #2. Now, Tap on “Personalization.”

Tap on Personalization Under Settings optionStep #3. Next, Select “Edge Preference.”

Tap on Edge Preference in All in One Guestures appStep #4. Now, you can reduce the Opacity to 0% to disappear the bothersome shadow.

Now, Reduce the Opacity to 0% to disappear the bothersome shadowOnce you follow up above step, you can get the iPhone X like feel with your Android phone. Hope you like the post. Do not forget to share friends. Have any questions? Ask us in the comments.