As Google’s Keyboard has user-friendly interface along with the Google Search option and thousands of GIFs and Stickers, people do enjoy a chat with friend fascinatingly with the Gboard on their smartphone. But, Unfortunately, some users reported that Gboard not working properly on their Android devices and keep crashing.

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Well, Sometimes, it occurs due to some bug in the new update or something wrong with device’s setting. Whatever reason is, for sure, you would want to solve Google Keyboard problem now so that you keep chit-chat with your loved ones. So, here we are going to give every possible solution to fix the Gboard has stopped working issue on Android phone or Tablet.

Gboard Not Working Properly on Android

Gboard Has Stopped Working on Android: Try Out These Seven Solutions

Solution #1: Force Stop Gboard App

While chatting with friends using Gboard keyboard, once you encounter with any issue on your Android, then our first suggestion is to try to force close the Gboard Keyboard app and see it is working fine. Just go to SettingsAppApp ListGboardForce Stop and then OK. Now start chatting. Hope you won’t get any Gboard keyboard error.

Force Stop Gboard App on Android

Solution #2. Clear Gboard App Caches and Data

Our next advice is to override Gboard Keyboard problem is try to clear unwanted and messy caches and data of the Gboard app. Sometimes temporary stored caches file can conflict your devices operating system and crash the app. So, try to clear caches and data on the Gboard Keyboard App.

Step #1. Go to the Settings on your phone.

Open Settings on Android Oreo Running Phone

Step #2. Tap Apps and go the App List section.

Tap on Apps and Then Select Application List in Android Settings

Step #3. Scroll down to Gboard and tap on it.

Tap on Gboard in Android App List Settings

Step #4. Now tap on Storage and then Clear Caches and Data.

Select Storage and Clear Gboard Data and Cahe on Android

Solution #3: Check Gboard Enabled or Not

If Gboard stopped working on Android after updating the device’s operating system and app update, then make it sure that your activated Gboard on Android. Let’s check it out!

Step #1. Launch Settings on your phone.

Step #2. Tap “Language & input” Under the System section.

Tap on Languages & input in Android Settings

Step #3. Next, tap on the “Virtual Keyboard.”

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Tap on Virtual keyboard in Android Languages Settings

Step #4. Now tap on “Manage Keyboards” and check the Gboard toggle is turned on. If no, then switch it.

Tap on Manage Keyboards and Turn ON Switch Next to Gboard on Android

Solution #4: Uninstall Gboard Updates and Get the Latest Update

If every Gboard setting is proper and still Gboard keeps stopping, then maybe something wrong with your installed Gboard updates. Hence, try to uninstall Gboard updates and again install the latest Gboard update from the Google Play Store.

Step #1. Go to Settings on your device.

Step #2. Tap on Apps App List.

Step #3. Scroll down and select the Gboard.

Tap on Gboard in Android App List Settings

Step #4. Now tap on three vertical dots at top left corner and tap “Uninstall updates.”

Uninstall Gboard Updates on Android

Step #5. Now to the Google Play Store → My apps & games and tap on update next to Gboard app.

Tap on My apps & games and Update the Gboard App on Android

Solution #5: Restart Your Phone

Restarting phone is one of the simplest and common ways to fix any type problem with app or devices OS. Thus, if any of above method didn’t work, then try to restart your device and see Gboard keyboard is working properly.

Solution #6: Restart In Safe Mode

Even after restarting the device, the Gboard keyboard error still occurring then try to find out the reason behind the issue and fix quickly. Hence, restarting the device in the safe mode will help to find out the cause of the problem. To do that, press and hold the power button and after that touch and hold the Power Off on your device’s screen. Once you see the message Reboot to Safe Mode, then tap OK. And then make it sure that your device is running properly in safe mode.

Solution #7: Factory Data Reset

Our last suggestion is factory data reset your Android device to fix the Gboard keyboard error. It will clear all your data and erase all unwanted data and make your device brand new. So, factory data reset your phone and again install the Gboard keyboard app to run it efficiently. To do that, go to Settings → Backup & reset → Factory data reset and then hit the Reset Phone.

Factory Data Reset Android Phone

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Well, these were some workaround you can try to get rid of Gboard Keyboard issues on your Android phone. Besides, you can also disable ‘suggest contacts’ and ‘personalized suggestions’ inside the Gboard keyboard setting to speed up the performance of the Gboard app and chat fluently. Hope these methods worked for you. If you have any other advice, please do share with us in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.