Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has 3,300mAh battery offers 11 hours of battery life which is not bad for regular use. However, some users have reported on the Samsung forum that Note 8 battery only lasts only around 5-6 hours in real life. Have you also experienced rapid battery drain on your phablet? Follow through these viable tips to improve your Galaxy Note 8 battery life.

There could be various reasons for the unexpected battery consumption on your Galaxy Note 8. For Instance, it might be due to power-hungry features or a bug. Let’s look at all the aspects and extend the battery life of your phablet!

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Fast Battery Drain Issue

Solution #1: Turn off the Always-on Display

Likewise Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus’s always-on display features, Note 8 also has an always-on display function. It shows battery status, small clock, date, and notification instead of screen off. That’s very eye-catching! Since its display always on, it also uses more of your battery. Hence, if you have enabled Always-on display function on Galaxy Note 8, then try to disable it and see the result.

Solution #2: Use Live Message wisely

Galaxy Note 8’s Live Message feature is very gorgeous. It helps to send some handwritten notes and message using S Pen. These messages or notes displayed on a non-Samsung device. That’s impressive.

But, if you use Live Message persisting, then it may affect your battery life. It results in your battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 drain fast. Hence, our suggestion is to use the Live Message app whenever you find it necessary. For sure, once you keep in mind this, your Note 8’s battery life will definitely be improved.

Solution #3: Use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Data connection accurately

Most of the people forget to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G LTE and another service even if they are not using it. Hence, the unnecessary use of these services can directly effect on the battery life as well as the performance of your device. Thus, make sure that you have turned off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G LTE and another service before going to bed in order to avoid Galaxy Note 8 battery draining problem.

Solution #4: Use Power Saving Mode

These days, most of the high-end mobile phones come with the power saving feature. It helps to extend the battery life of your Galaxy Note 8. Once you turn on power saving mode, your device automatically uses the power saving mode when your battery life got low.

Well, you can use notification, message and other apps in power saving mode, it will dim your screen brightness and stop other functions. You can turn on Power Saving Mode via below steps:

Step #1. Navigate to Apps on your Note 8 → tap on Settings.

Step #2. Tap on Device Management.

Step #3. Next, tap on Battery.

Step #4. Now you need to select MID or Max and tap on APPLY.

Solution #5: Adjust screen brightness and sleep time

Today, most of the users have a habit to regularly wake up the phone to check the notifications, date, time and other things. Hence, if you check your device hundreds of time in a day and your device screen and brightness is set up high, it obviously effects the battery life.

Thus, once you encounter with the battery draining issue on Note 8, reduce the brightness and sleep time as well to improve Note 8 battery life. I guess auto brightness would be the best idea. In order to reduce brightness, go to Settings → Display→ Brightness.

Solution #6: Close Background running apps

Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. That’s incredible. But, most of the users are not used to with closing all running apps while hands off with the device. These background running app drain the battery life of your Note 8 as well as slow down the performance. Hence, make sure to turn off all background running apps while locking up the device.

Solution #7: Turn off Gesture or Motion control

The gesture control function of Galaxy Note 8 lets you use motions to manage your device quickly and smartly. While the “Smart Stay” features turn your mobile screen ON until the sensor see your face looking in another side. Thus, if you are not using this gesture feature, then keep it turn off to save Note 8’s battery life. You can turn it off by heading to Settings → Advance features→ turn off Gestures and “Smart Stay” in the display settings.

Well, these are major factors that can help you to improve Galaxy Note 8 battery life. Besides, you can also use check the battery status via heading to Settings → Device Management → Battery → Battery Usage.


Have you tried these solutions? Found it useful? Do share with your Note 8 friends. Have any other trick to fix Note 8 battery drain problem? Let us know in the commenting section.