Sometimes while updating to the latest Oxygen OS-based Android update on OnePlus devices, users may encounter with one of the most annoying errors “Signature Verification Failed”. It usually occurs after completing the update download and stop the process to get it done. Luckily, we have found some ways to override this error.

Even some new OnePlus 5T users have reported this error. Well, this is not device’s fault, it could occur because you may have received the corrupted or false update file. If you have downloaded that corrupted or false update, then your device’s system will not accept the update and start showing Signature Verification Failed error on the screen. Thankfully, here we have some solutions to fix the Signature Verification Failed error while installing OxygenOS on OnePlus devices.

Signature Verification Failed while installing OxygenOS on OnePlus Devices

How to Fix Signature Verification Failed error on OnePlus devices

Solution #1: Delete OTA file

As I said that if you have downloaded the false or corrupted OS update on your phone, then for sure it will show the signature verification failed error while installing it on your phone. But, you can fix this error by deleting the downloaded OTA and retry to get the stable version of the update.

Step #1. Open ES File Explorer on your phone.

Step #2. Tap on three horizontal menu icon at the top right corner of the app.

Tap on three horizontal menu icon in ES File Explorer

Step #3. Screen down the menu and turn toggle next to “Show hidden files”.

Turn toggle next to Show hidden files in ES File Explorer App

Step #4. Now tap on Search icon at the top and search for OTA.

Tap on Search icon and search for OTA in ES File Explorer App

Step #5. Now open the “.OTA” file and delete everything.

Open .OTA file and delete everything

Now go back to update page and download the new update again to install without error.

Solution #2: Clear System Update cache

Our next suggestion is to try to clear some system update cache. There may be some unwanted caches file gathered in your device which conflicting your device OS and showing the signature verification failed error. So, go to the Settings → Apps → Application list → Tap on three vertical dots on the top right corner → Show system apps → System update → Storage → Clear Data and Cache.

Clear System Update cache on OnePlus Phone

Solution #3: Try to download Using Mobile data

Many OnePlus users have tried to download the update using their mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, and it worked significantly for them. So, our next suggest is try to use your mobile data rather than the Wi-Fi. Because sometimes the IP address may encounter the system to install the newly download OS on the device.

Solution #4: Download and flash ROM Zip file

If you tried to download the new update several times and to get the same error, then try to flash full ROM zip file on your device. It may fix the signature verification failed error on your OnePlus device. So, download the new ROM zip file for your OnePlus device and move it outside the folder. Once you have put the ROM file in root directory, then go to Settings → System Updates → Tap on Settings icon the top left corner → Local Upgrade and select the ROM file to flash.

Go to System Updates, tap on Setting icon and then select Local Upgrade on OnePlus Phone

Solution #5: Unlock Bootloader and update using ADB sideload

After trying above solution, if any of them didn’t work then our last suggestion is to try to unlock Bootloader and use ADB command to sideload the new Android OS. Do not forget to back up your data; it may clear all data.

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Final Words

After spending few hours on some forums, we have come to give you these solutions. Hope at least one any of above worked for you. Have any other tricks? Please do share with us in the comments.