At the beginning of the New Year, Google has released a Security update for Pixel and Nexus devices. Unfortunately, some Pixel owners have noticed lag and slow down issue after updating to the latest Oreo 8.1 update. Thankfully, it can be fixed.

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Well, some Pixel users reported that the screen stuck on the white screen in animation and “Finishing Android update” persisting appear at the notification bar. Well, In this article, we’ll look at two methods that can fix Pixel and Pixel 2 lag and freeze issue. Let’s check it out!

Google Pixel and Pixel 2 Become Lag and Slow Down After Android 8.1 UpdateHow to Fix Pixel Lag and Freeze Issue After Android 8.1 Oreo Update

Solution #1: Check For the OTA update

According to Google, those who have sideloaded or manually updated their devices to the Android 8.1 update have been getting the slowdown and lag issue. So, we suggest you update your Pixel phone via the over-the-air update.

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Once you update your device through the official OTA update, for sure, you won’t get annoyed with the slower performance of your beloved Pixel smartphone.

Solutions #2: Try to Reboot Your Phone

One of the simplest and 100% working solutions of the Pixel lag and freeze problem is rebooting your affected Google Pixel device.

Google confirmed that the issue is not that major, you can simply solve the issue by either installing the security patch via OTA update or just rebooting your device. It won’t take much time to override the issue.


For now, a smaller number of devices have been affected by the lag issue. In a case, the affected devices number would increase, then, of course, this two solutions will help to quickly and simply fix the Pixel slowdown issue.

Let us know if you have noticed the issue on your device and fixed it with any trick. Just drop comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.