The biggest concern for all smartphone users is to find a charging point. The constant worry of battery is draining out, especially when we are somewhere outside and not able to charge the phone. isn’t it? It was then the Note 8 made an appearance with an inbuilt wireless charger in it.

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The Wireless charging technology in Note 8 supports QI wireless chargers rated up to 15W, thus allowing you to quickly charge up your Note 8 without plugging it to any USB data cable. All you need is a Qi/WPC or PMA charging pad and place your Note 8 on it to juice it up.

Now, all of a sudden if your Note 8 stops charging on the wireless charger, it will leave you in wonder who is at fault? Is it the wireless charger or is something wrong with your device. Don’t worry just run the below-mentioned checks to fix ‘wireless charging stopped working’ issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy Note 8 Wireless Charging Stopped WorkingHow to Fix Wireless Charging Stopped Working on Note 8

If your Note 8 flashes the message that wireless charging had paused but then resumes immediately after or has completely stopped working then,

Tip #1: Try the first and the basic solution – restart. Turn off your Galaxy Note 8 by holding the power button. Tap restart and check again. If there is a minor issue it will get fixed or at least temporarily the charging will continue.

Tip #2: Check if the beautiful Galaxy Note 8 case that you bought is the hindrance to the charging process. To protect your Note 8 from scratches and damages you may have placed a bumper case, but a thick case can block the wireless charging. Also, some cases leave a small gap in between the wireless charging pad causing the wireless charging to slow down or stop completely. So, remove the case and run a check.

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Tip #3: Ensure the placement of your Note 8 on the charging pad. While certain wireless chargers can charge in both ways, pad and stand, check if it is charging for both position or not. If yours is a vertical stand, check you Note 8 in both portrait and landscape position.

Tip #4: Check whether the same issue is occurring with any other wireless charger. Since, a lot of third-party wireless chargers are available in the market, test on another one if possible. It is advisable to use Samsung Quick Charger only as it is devised for Note 8 especially, so any kind of such charging issues won’t arise with it.

Tip #5: Confirm whether the cable and adapter you are using to charge the wireless charging pad is the one which came along with the pad or your Note 8.

Tip #6: Check your device’s settings whether ‘Fast wireless charging’ is ON or not. If your wireless charging goes on and off or is charging very slow, go to Settings → Advanced features → Accessories → Fast wireless charging. It must be ON.

Tip #7: Request a replacement. If none of the above solutions worked for you, the last option is to contact Samsung. If you’ve recently bought the Note 8 or its charging pad, you can ask for a replacement of the faulty one under the warranty period. You can also replace the third-party wireless charger within the warranty period. If it’s not, take it to a Samsung or a trusted service center who can repair it for you.

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Final thoughts

These simple solutions will do no harm to your Note 8, instead will fix your wireless charging issue. So, give them a try and let us know if it worked or not in the comment field below or on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.