Netflix provides a plethora of entertainment stuff at a very affordable price, and that is probably its biggest USP. Netflix itself offers plenty of categories but are you aware how we can find Netflix’s hidden categories? Yes, there are plenty of categories which we can’t see on the surface.

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All those Netflix addicts would want these hidden categories to be unearthed so that can extend their entertainment streak. We have got one excellent solution for you to let know about how these hidden categories you can view without any sweat.

How to Browse Netflix's Hidden Categories

How to Find/Browse Netflix’s Hidden Categories

Step #1. Launch Google Chrome on your PC or Mac.

Step #2. Click on the three horizontal dots on the top right corner of your browser.

Step #3. Now, click on ‘Extensions’ and scroll down to find ‘Get more Extensions’ and click on it.

Click on Extensions in Chrome

Click on Get more Extensions

Step #4. A new window will pop up and in the search bar type ‘Netflix Categories.’

Type Netflix Categories on Search Bar

Step #5. From the search results click on ‘Netflix Categories’ and then click on ‘Add to Chrome’ on the top right of the interface.

Click on Add to Chrome to Add Netflix Categorie

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Step #6. Let the process complete itself and once the process is over you will see alphabet ‘N’ icon in the red background on the top right corner of your screen.

After Process, you can see N iCon

Understanding Netflix’s Hidden Categories Extension

  • When you first click on that ‘N’ icon, you will be able to see the most popular categories only.
  • You will also find a search bar at the top of the list where you can search categories according to your wish.

you can search categories according to your wish

  • If you don’t find a category of your choice, then click on the ‘All Categories’ at the bottom of the list and you will get a big list of Netflix categories.

List of Netflix Hidden Categories

  • Once you browse all the categories and you find few of them interesting to view more often than not, then click on the ‘Heart’ icon so that it will become your favorite category.

Click on Heart icon for favorite category

So, this is how you can browse those hidden Netflix categories. Hope this tutorial will help you to discover an entirely new world of Netflix.

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