Whether you want to search the non-stop flight or replace the travel agent, Google Home is now ready to assist you to find, track, and get full detail about Flights. This feature is very fruitful for those who travel a lot. So, if you are one who Travels a lot, then it why don’t you use Google Home or Mini to book and manage your flights.

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That’s exciting! Isn’t it? To show you all public information about flights, Google Assistant uses the QPX API. Well, if you have already booked a Flight and want to track it, then you will need to enable personal results in the Google Home app. You can also check stored information using My Activity manager in your Google Account. If you are ready to manage your flight with Google Home or Mini, then here’s how to get started.
How to Find, Book and Manage your Flights with Google Home

How to Book and Manage Your Flights with Google Home

As aforesaid, you have to activate personal results in the Google Home app to track your booked flights as well as a shopping list, calendar, and more. Here’s how to do it! Make sure that first that your smartphone and Google Home connected to the same WiFi network.

How to Enable Persona Results in the Google Home app

Step #1. Launch Google Home App and tap on Menu ion at the top left corner.

Step #2. Verify your Google account and tap More Settings. You can also switch the account by clicking the triangle at the right of the account name and address.

Step #3. Tap Google Home device under “Devices.”

Step #4. Now turn the toggle on next to “Personal Results.”

Once it is done. Now your Google Home is ready to show you all your personal information like flights, shopping lists, calendars, etc. You cannot enable or disable any specific activity to be used in Google Home. Let’s head over to the Google Home commands to search and book a flight.

Google Home commands to search, book, and manage your flights.

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How to Find Flights Information and track price with Google Home

  • Find a flight: “Find me flights to Delhi”
  • Track flight prices: “How much are flights to California in 3 weeks?”

Note: Keep in mind that you can only track flight prices for a general location/date, not an exact flight or airline.

  • Find a flight to a region: “How much are flights to Paris?”
  • Find a flight to a destination: “Find me flights to LA” or “How much is a flight to Las Vegas.”
  • Filter by airline: “Find me flights with United.”
  • Filter by dates: “I’d like to depart on the 31st of December” or “‘Return on January 2” or “Return two day later.”
  • Filter by stops: “Find me non-stop flights.”
  • Next flights: “What is the next flight to London?” or “Next flight to Corsica.”
  • Route schedule: “What is the schedule of flights to Monaco.”

How to Track booked or existing Flights with Google Home

To hear date / time/ airline /destination /origin of next upcoming flight:

  • “My next flight.”
  • “When is my upcoming flight?”
  • “What time is my upcoming flight?”
  • “My next flight”
  • “My flight to “

To hear on time/delay status

  • “Is my flight on time?”
  • “Is my United flight delayed?

To hear date / time/ airline /destination /origin of upcoming multiple flights

Note: Keep in mind that you will get information for your next three scheduled flights.

  • “When are my upcoming flights?”
  • “What times are my flights?”
  • “My flights?”
  • “My flights in .”

Google Home will also give you suggestion to do fun things when you arrive at the destination. You will just need to command “Things to do in Rome” and you will get some interesting option about the area.

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So, are you ready to check flight status and plan trips on with your personal assistant Google Home? Use this new feature to manage your flights and let us know how you was your experience. Drop comments or leave a message on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.