The Internet is no more limited to any particular thing. You can now use the Internet as a social outlet for shopping, chatting, online gaming and for several other purposes.

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Digital media has a strong involvement in the lives of teenagers these days. Be it an academic query or a fun activity, the Internet has all the solutions for your teen. But, with all the attractive benefits of the Internet, it does have a darker side too.

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Negative Effects of Digital Media on Kids

Drawbacks of Digital Media

Following is a brief list of struggles and issues which occur due to digital media.

  • Depression: Digital media is the main source of cyber bullying which leads to depressing and consuming feelings in teenagers.
  • Lack of Interpersonal Skills: Digital media causes a lack of face to face interaction due to which teenagers feel less self-assured while interacting with other people.
  • Cyberbullying: The increasing rate of sexting has made teenagers extremely vulnerable to cyberbullying, blackmail and harassment.
  • Hypersexualized Content: Online games and YouTube videos promote sexual contents which can lead to sexual concerns among teenagers.
  • Academic Problems: Digital media diverts the attention of kids due to which their academic progress suffers, causing a decrease in your child’s grades.

What Parents Need to Do?

As a parent, you need to sit back and reconsider your child’s digital activities. Here are a few questions every parent needs to consider:

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  • Is my child doing well in school? Or is their progress getting disturbed due to the involvement of digital media in their lives? (Ensure that your child performs well in class. Detect the main cause of their lack of attention).
  • Are there any signs of depression in my child’s behavior? (Look for your child’s mental, emotional and physical conduct because depression affects your child in all ways).
  • What are my child’s usual digital activities? (Explore the type of programs and content your child sees most of the time).
  • What are the apps my child uses? Is he/she addicted to these apps? Are these apps safe and age appropriate for my child? (Teenagers can download questionable apps such as sexual apps where they are required to perform virtual sexual acts. Make sure your teenager has appropriate apps in his/her mobile device).

How Can Parental Control Apps Help in Taking Control?

By using a parental control app such as FamilyTime, parents can make sure that their child is exploring digital media in a healthy way.

FamilyTime parental control app

Here are some of the features explained of FamilyTime.

  • Contact Monitoring is one great feature of FamilyTime that lets parents see the contact book of their kids to know who are they friend with.
  • They can view their call logs and see whom do they connect with and at what time.
  • The SMS monitoring feature of FamilyTime helps parents in reducing cyberbullying, sexting and exchange of hate speech among teenagers. The app mirrors the communication threads of your kids on your phone to see the SMS history at a glance.
  • The Web monitoring feature lets parents view the browsing history on their child’s mobile device which means parents can get to know whether their child watches pornographic websites and obscene videos on the Internet or not. With that, they can see the Bookmarks and Favorites saved in their browser.
  • The app blocking feature provided by the FamilyTime app enables parents to examine the list of installed apps on their child’s devices and see their related details such as the date of installation, version of the app being used, and the category of the app, etc. Once monitored, parents can see the app usage frequency of their kids and know how much time do they spend on each app. After this analysis, parents can block any addicting or questionable apps temporarily or permanently from their teen’s cell phone.

This is not all. FamilyTime presents a number of effective features. You can have a detailed look at the app by downloading the app from Google play store and iTunes.