FaceTime is a fantastic video calling app works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It uses Wi-Fi or internet connection to enable video call efficiently. The great thing you can even record a FaceTime call video on your iPhone and Mac. Sadly, FaceTime Not Working for some users. They reported that sometime FaceTime ringing but not connecting.

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FaceTime Not Working issue usually arises because there might be a problem with your account or issue with the Wi-Fi connection or it could be due to the Apple server. Well, after getting information about this widespread problem, we decided to provide a fix to this problem. Being a reader, we request you to read each solution carefully and then implement it on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Fix FaceTime Not Working on iPhone or iPad issueFaceTime Not Working on iPhone or iPad? Possible Solutions to Fix the Issue

Check Your Device Compatibility

When Apple announced that FaceTime is now available with cellular data we all looked happy, but that announcement was probably not conveyed totally because not all devices are eligible. So you need to check whether your device is eligible or not. Of course, you can use jailbreaks like FaecBreak and enable FaceTime over cellular data.

Is Your Cellular Plan Compatible?

The Sprint and Verizon users are finding absolutely no problem in using FaceTime on their iPhone and iPad on their 3G or 4G networks and the problem lies with AT&T only. As per AT&T, only its new users with the shared data plans can use FaceTime over its 3G data network. So if you are an existing user of AT&T and not having shared data plans then you should meet their representative at the earliest so that you can use FaceTime over your cellular data.

Have you Checked Airplane Mode?

A network issue may also be creating a problem so the immediate solution we found, which seems to be working okay on most of the device is to switch ON and switch OFF the Airplane mode on your iPhone or iPad. As we said, this trick worked on most of the devices, why don’t you also try it as well?

Turn ON and Off the Airplane ModeCheck Your WiFi Connection

Unstable and inconsistent WiFi can certainly give you headaches when you want to operate FaceTime. So you should better check whether your WiFi is working fine or not. You may also check your router as well so that you can be doubly assured.

Try and Re-activate FaceTime

Sometimes a simple logging out and logging in the process also helps to fix problems as account authentication may be giving troubles. Follow the steps given below to try and solve this problem.

Step #1. Open Settings on your iPhone and tap on FaceTime.

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Tap on FaceTimeStep #2. Now, Turn off the switch next to the FaceTime.

Turn off the switch next to the FaceTimeStep #3. Turn On (or re-enable) the switch after few minutes and you will see, ‘waiting for activation…’ on your screen.

Turn ON the switch after few minutesStep #4. Once FaceTime is reactivated you will see Apple ID field, just tap on it and then tap on Sign out.

Tap on Use your Apple ID for FaceTimeStep #5. Tap on the ‘Use your Apple ID for FaceTime’ and re-log.

This should see that you will now able to use FaceTime on your iPhone and iPad easily.

Final Try – Reset all Settings

If nothing works then resetting all the settings should work and this is confirmed by an Apple user on one of the Apple user’s forums. So here is how you can do that.

SettingsGeneralResetReset All Settings

Tap on Reset All SettingsWe can only hope that one of the solutions given above should fix the problem and you can easily operate your FaceTime app on your iPhone and iPad.

Do let us know that which trick worked for you? You can give your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section.