Facebook is the best platform where you see every type of contents including videos from all around the world. Whether it is funny or any movie trailer, I usually enjoy watching videos on the Facebook. But, unfortunately sometimes Facebook App won’t play videos on my Android Phone. It often happens for other users as well. So, we have come up with some solutions.

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According to some users, videos won’t play when they are scrolling speedily through the Facebook feed. They say videos are keeps loading and lagging and tap to play. They can’t be able to play any Facebook video after reloading it several times. But today, you are at luck. Here are all possible solutions to fix the Facebook videos not playing issue on Android device.

Facebook Videos Not Playing on Android

Can’t Play Videos on Facebook App on Android? Try These Solutions

Solutions #1: Update the Facebook App

Once you encounter with the state, I suggest to go the Play Store and check for a Facebook app update. If you see an update, then just update to the new version and see whether it videos playing or not.

Solution #2: Clear Facebook App Caches

Sometime when you continuously use any app, it creates some temp or caches files. This caches files use phone storage and slow down the performance of the device. Thus, if your Facebook App suddenly stop playing videos, then it may be because of some caches file. Check out our guide on how to clear Facebook cache on Android and iPhone and see the result.

Solution #3: Is Your Internet Slow?

When you are scrolling through the Facebook app if you see any video lag maybe your internet connection is slow. Well, there are possibilities that the because of the slow internet connection. Hence, try to switch your Wi-Fi or mobile network and see it worked or not.

Solution #4: Force Quit the App

Sometimes when any of Android apps start crashing or slowing down, the one things I always try to force close the app and relaunch it. The great thing, that works for maximum time to override any problem. Likewise, we suggest you try to force close the Facebook either by pressing minimize and swipe the app.

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Force Quit the Facebook App on Android Home ScreenOr Heading to Settings → Apps → All Apps → Facebook → Force stop.

Force Quit the App in Settings on AndroidSolution #5: Re-Install the App

After following four solutions as mentioned above, if the Facebook app still won’t play videos then try to re-install the app. Sometimes uninstalling and re-installing app can fix issues in specific scenarios.

Solution #6: Reboot Your Phone

Rebooting is one of the most command and viable ways to fix any error on every device. Even after making a lot of efforts, if you got stuck with the same problem then our last solution is to try to reboot your phone. Once you reboot your phone, all the functions of your phone will be refreshed. So, it also updates the Facebook app and fixes the issue.

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Have you tried above-mentioned solutions? Which one worked for you? If you have any other solution, then you can share it below in the comments or Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.