You always try your best that you don’t forget your important passwords, especially of Facebook. Sometimes when you keep yourself away from Facebook, you tend to forget your password and then the process to get it back or to set a new one is a tedious process. You either need to provide all the proofs about yourself, or you need to go through email verification and what not to retrieve your Facebook password.

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But, Facebook is now aiming to make this process less troublesome, and today it has come up with a solution which may prove to be a game-changer, should it gets success. Facebook has allowed GitHub users to regain their accounts without even resetting their passwords without resetting it. Yes, you have read it right. If you too have a GitHub account, then all you need to do is to setup a ‘recovery token’ in GitHub.

Facebook Set to Make Forgotten Password Problem Less Troublesome

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This process is similar to the current two-step verification method. GitHub will re-authenticate your Facebook account when the request of password retrieval is sent. It will have a time-stamped signature which will allow the users to securely restore their Facebook account. This recovery token will be encrypted, and neither Facebook nor GitHub will share any of the user’s information.

The entire process will take few clicks as per Facebook’s Security Engineer Brad Hill. Hill wrote, “We need something better – a way to recover access, using identities and services you trust, regardless of whether they are associated with an email address or a phone number. This process needs to be easy, secure and respectful of your privacy.”

If this trial hits the success and other websites also follow the same, then it will be a game changing scenario for sure. Probably in future, you may need only other trusted websites to retrieve your forgotten password and not the website whose password you have forgotten.

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