We heard that the new camera feature is on the test at Facebook HQ which will give us photos and live video with totally different and with the effect of famous artworks.

Once you give it a first look you will not see this feature different at all from what Snapchat or many other image editing apps are offering. But the sources in Facebook are suggesting that this feature will decide company’s most significant step forward with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in future, we will see more such AI apps from Facebook.

Facebook New Feature Called Style Transfer

Facebook New Feature Called Style Transfer

This new feature will be officially called ‘Style Transfer’ and it will be part of the new camera feature in the main Facebook. Currently, this feature is being tested in Ireland and it will be rolled for the worldwide Facebook users soon as per company sources. You can design your pictures and live videos by adding filters which will remind you of famous works of art. With these effects making their way into the camera in real time it will finally make stand apart from the rest of such picture editing apps.

Facebook’s new camera feature

At a press event held in San Francisco, the Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer said, “This is a pretty big leap in terms of the power of what you can do.” Schroepfer did not forget to mention that ‘Style Transfer’ is just a tip of the iceberg of what is to come on Facebook in next few months.

Schroepfer wrote in his blog post, “We can create gesture-based controls, where the computer can see where you’re pointing and activate different styles or commands. We can recognize facial expressions and perform related actions, like putting a ‘yay’ filter over your selfie when you smile.”

So in future, we may see Facebook automatically adding filters while you take your selfies. Currently, this is just told in writing but one can imagine the world once it is implemented in real.

But will this beat Snapchat? Well, let us wait and watch.