Every one of us has experienced that Facebook and Facebook Messenger’s apps always get the maximum number of updates compared to all the other apps we have loaded in our smartphone. Now it’s time to brace for one more update from the Facebook family and this time it is for the Facebook Messenger update.

Facebook messenger app has started to get a wider acceptance ever since it became a mandatory app for sending and receiving messages on Facebook.

Facebook Messenger to Bring Data Saver Option (Try out the Beta test)

Now taking that advantage into account Facebook Messenger will soon update itself to enable the Data Saver Mode. Just like you have the option to save your data on WhatsApp you will soon have this option on Facebook as well. Till now whenever you receive an image file or a video file it used to get downloaded on its own on Facebook Messenger app, but after this update, you will need to tap on that image or the video file if you wish to download it, just like you do on WhatsApp. On Wi-Fi connections through the automatic download will keep on continuing as per the latest news we are having. Whether there will be an option to turn off the Data Saving on Wi-Fi connections as well is yet to be known.

The Beta users of the Facebook Messenger are already seeing this option in their “Settings” panel. This option allows them to save the downloaded data on their mobile phone. So, when this Beta testing gets over and Facebook Messenger will release this option for every one of us, then you need to get ready for creating more space for your data saved on Facebook Messenger. This only means that you will have to clear the data from this app or from other apps because the Facebook Messenger app will now need more space on your smartphone memory. But yes, one positive we can take out from this is that until you don’t tap on the file, it won’t get downloaded.

Data Saver mode coming to Facebook Messenger

The Beta Tester App of Facebook Messenger is really fun; if you too want to join this fun you can download the Facebook Messenger Beta Tester App from here. But mind you, since it is going to be beta version it is not free from bugs and it may create some issues. So if you are ok with facing those problems you can very well go ahead with it. But if you are not then better to wait for the updated version released by the Facebook Messenger app itself like many others.

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