To survive in the cut-throat competition and to attract customers, mobile companies are developing more and more security features on their smartphones. After fingerprint, face recognition is the latest locking feature that quickly unlocks the phone without any touch. To safeguard personal details against any theft and loss of the phone, face recognition feature now a hit.

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Since security is the biggest concern for every smartphone users, Samsung is one of the companies that offer biometric locks for better security of your phone. And the all-new model of Samsung, Galaxy Note 8, is loaded with all kinds of biometric locking features including the latest facial recognition feature which is the hot favorite of the Note 8 owners. But then again, there is no smartphone without a single issue. The face recognition feature in some of the Note 8 has stopped working. Let’s see how to fix Galaxy Note 8 Face recognition stopped working issue.

Galaxy Note 8 Face Recognition Stopped WorkingFace Recognition Stopped Working on Galaxy Note 8? Solutions to Fix the Issue

Solution #1: Clear Cache and Data of Apps

Step #1. Open Settings on Galaxy Note 8.

Step #2. Select Apps.

Step #3. You will find an ‘option tray,’ i.e., three dotted icons towards the top right-hand corner of your smartphone, tap on it.

Step #4. Select ‘Show System Apps’ from the option tray.

Step #5. Locate ‘Face’ by scrolling down and select it.

Step #6. Tap on ‘Storage’ on this screen.

Step #7. Select ‘Clear Data and Clear Cache’

Solutions #2: Disable Smart Stay feature on Galaxy Note 8

This is a required step because if this feature is on, your device won’t turn off as long as you are looking at it. To disable it;

Step #1. Head over to ‘Settings’ on your Galaxy Note 8.

Step #2. Select ‘Display.’

Step #3. Scroll and select ‘Smart Stay.’

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Step #4. You will see a checkbox with a tick mark on it that denotes it is activated. Uncheck the box and exit.

Solution #3: Wipe Cache Partition

This is one of the most used maintenance tools when there are issues on the phone. To do the same follow these steps.

Step #1. Press the power button and switch off your Galaxy Note 8.

Step #2. Tap and hold the Home + Power + Bixby buttons altogether.

Step #3. When you get the Android logo, release all the buttons and wait till you get access to ‘Android Recovery Menu.’

Step #4. Navigate to ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ in the Recovery menu using the Volume button.

Step #5. Select ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ using power button.

Step #6. Once again use the Volume Down key to highlight “Yes” and select the same by pressing the Power button.

Step #7. After the Wipe Cache Partition process is completed, Reboot System Now will be highlighted automatically.

Step #8. Select this option using the Power Button; Note 8 will restart.

Give you face recognition feature a check and if it’s still not responding, give these other solutions a try.

Additional Solutions

  • If you are using a screen guard to protect the display of your Note 8, make sure that it is not blocking the sensors – if the openings are not aligned with the sensors they will not work.
  • Make sure the sensors are clean as dust particles may hinder the facial recognition process.
  • Try deleting the old face recognition set up and reset it with a new one.

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Wrapping Up

The above potential solutions will probably solve your ‘face recognition stopped working’ issue on Galaxy Note 8. If none of the solutions work then, the issue is definitely with the sensors, and you must contact Samsung Service Centre for solving any hardware related issues. Apart from this, if you have any other suggestions on your mind, do let us know in the comments section below or share on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.