Keeping that concern in mind, we have come up with some basic tips and tricks to extend the battery life of your Android wear. The guide is quite simple without any technical stuff, so just follow every step and get the most out of your Android Wear.

How to Extend battery life of Android Wear

How to extend battery life of Android Wear:

#1. Fascinating Brightness

There’s no doubt that your Android Wear displays crystal clear screen with full brightness, but at the same time, it is consuming tremendous battery and leaving you with some power to do other activities. Try adjusting the brightness to a little lower level. To do so, head to the Settings of your Android Wear and then tap on Display and adjust the brightness.

#2. Useless notifications:

Another great advantage of owning an Android Wear is that we do not need to pull out our Smartphone to check notifications; we have it right on our wrists. At the same time, we also receive notifications that don’t matter, but they do reserve their battery on your Android Wear. The best way to block these notifications is to swipe left when you receive it and then, tap on the block icon. This will add that app to black list and you’ll no longer get notifications from that particular app.

#3. Disabling Wi-Fi:

We just can’t live without the internet and thus, we keep all our devices that are compatible with the internet to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. You might not notice but having internet connected all the time reduces the battery output of your Android device. So it is highly advisable to turn off Wi-Fi when it is not needed. For instance, if you are driving, then there’s no Wi-Fi available but you have enabled it on your Android Wear. This compels the Smart Watch to keep searching for Wi-Fi, indirectly, consuming battery life.

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