I have been a fan of Microsoft Office for long. It’s not only feature-rich but also exceptionally easy-to-use. You can now use your finger to write, draw, and highlight documents in Office both on your iOS and Android devices.

There are a lot of options to draw and annotate with ink. It lets you make notes, highlight portions of your text, create shapes, or write math equations instantly by using the Draw tab on your device.

Better still, you have the option to adjust the thickness and color of the pen, and use it as desired to annotate on documents.

It applies to Excel for iPad, Word for iPad, PowerPoint for iPad, Excel for iPhone, Word for iPhone, PowerPoint for iPhone, Word for Android tablets, Excel for Android tablets, PowerPoint for Android tablets, PowerPoint for Android phones, Word for Android phones, Excel for Android phones.

Note: To use this feature, you need to have an Office 365 subscription. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, you need to have the latest version of Office.

How to Draw and Annotate with ink in Microsoft Office on iPhone or Android

Step #1. Launch the Microsoft Office app on your device. Then, tap on Edit at the top of your screen.

Step #2. Tap on Home → Draw.

Step #3. In order to start drawing, tap on Pen.

Step #4. To highlight, tap on Highlighter.

Step #5. Next, you need to choose the ink options you wish. To change the color, you need to tap on Color and pick the color you wish.

  • To change the thickness of your pen, you have to tap on Thickness.
  • To erase, tap on Stroke Eraser.
  • To stop inking, simply tap on Select Objects.

How to Draw and annotate with ink in Microsoft Office on iPad or Android tablet

Step #1. Open the Microsoft Office app on your device and choose the Draw tab on the ribbon.

Now, you can the ink style you wish from the options like a pen, a highlighter or an eraser.

Step #2. To customize your ink color, choose the More Colors icon.

A color wheel tool will appear, slide between colors and shades to select the right option as desired.

You can change the thickness of your pen by choosing the plus sign or minus sign on either end of the sample thickness indicator. While the plus sign thickens your pen, the minus sign makes it thinner.

Step #3. After you have chosen your ink options, draw, highlight, or make notes anywhere you want.

To erase any ink annotations, you need to choose the Eraser pen option and select the eraser size as desired.

In order to select any of your annotations, either to modify or move them, you have to choose Select Objects.

In order to enable inking with a pen or stylus, you need to turn the Draw with Touch toggle to Off. To re-enable inking with touch, simply turn this switch back on.

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