Android Developer community is doing amazing works for Android users worldwide. Recently, Android P was released with its developer previews, and developer Quinny899 has come up with a solution to get the new Pixel launcher from Android P to any Android phone.

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If you are using an Android device running Marshmallow and above, you can download and install Android P Pixel launcher on your Android phone or tablet. However, there are a few pre-requisites to use Android P Pixel launcher on any Android.

How to Download and Install Android P Pixel Launcher on Any Android

How to Get New Pixel Launcher from Android P to Any Android

Before we go ahead, you need to enable Unknown Sources on your Android phone or tablet. For this purpose: Settings → Security → Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

Second, you should not keep any previous Pixel Launcher installed on your device. Also, note that you are not supposed to keep any port like Lawnchair.

Step #1. Frist off, you need to download an APK on your Android device to experience the new Pixel Launcher on any Android device.

Download the ported Android P Pixel Launcher developed by Quinny899

There, tap on Download complete notification and hit the Install button when asked. Alternatively, you can open the APK file from any browser.

Download and install Android P Pixel launcher on Android phone

Some users may face ‘App Not Installed’ error on their Android devices. This is because you might have a previous version of Pixel Launcher on your phone or tablet. You should quickly uninstall this older version from Settings → Apps. Then, try the above step again.

Step #2. Once the app is installed, you need to tap on Home button.

Here, you will be prompted to choose a launcher; you are supposed to tap on ‘Pixel Launcher’ from the list.

Select Android P Pixel Launcher on Android

For Samsung users, the method finishes here. If you have another Android phone, you have to tap on Home button once more. Next, choose Pixel Launcher again and select ‘Always’ to set it as your default home screen.

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Set Android P Pixel Launcher default home screen on Android

This is not the end of the process. You will have to grant a few necessary permissions to run the launcher smoothly on your Android device. Pixel users are not supposed to sanction any permission as this will be a default launcher (app) on their devices and permissions are granted by default. Since you are using Pixel Launcher on other Android devices, you need to grant permissions manually.

Settings → Apps or Applications → Select the Pixel Launcher → Permissions → Toggle ‘Location’, ‘Phone’, and ‘Storage’.

Grant permissions to run the Android P Pixel Launcher on Android Phone

You are now ready to explore the new home screen on your Android phone with a Pixel Launcher. Note that there is not much change you will see, however, a pro-user would notice some with his/her sharp eyes. Check the dock background, which has become a little less transparent that it was in Android Oreo. Also find the change in bounce effects, which are more pronounced when scrolling.

Microphone icon now launches the Google Assistant.

Are you using the Pixel Launcher for the first time on your Android device? Then you should not miss an app drawer that opens when you swipe up from the dock at the bottom of the home screen of your phone or tablet. Also see the Google search widget inserted at the bottom of the screen next to your thumb.

A drawback here is that Google Now page won’t work as you need Pixel Launcher as the default app to use this feature. In case you want to use it as a default app, you need to root your Android device. With this new Pixel Launcher, you can use some cool features by long pressing an empty space on the home screen, and then tap on Settings gear. You would like to change icon shapes on your Android phone or tablet.

That’s all friends!

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