These days, animated GIFs becomes the most prominent trend on the social media platform. People are using GIFs to communicate with friend and family in fun ways. No wonder, folks just can’t help using them in tweets and messages. Unlike most other websites, Twitter doesn’t let you save animated GIFs. So, lots of people have been wondering, is it possible to save Animated GIFs from Twitter?

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You would feel glad to hear that there is a way to download Twitter GIF. You heard it right! You can download GIFs from Twitter on your Android and iPhone with the help third-party apps. Here, we will show how you can use the third party app to Save GIF from Twitter on Android and iPhone.

How to Download Animated GIFs from Twitter on Android or iPhone

How to Save GIFs from Twitter on Android and iPhone

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How to Save Animated GIFs from Twitter on Android

There is an interesting app called Tweet2gif that allows you download animated GIF from any public tweet. All you have to do is just copy the link of the tweet and paste it in order to get the job done.

Step #1. Simply download Tweet2gif on your Android device.

Download Tweet2gif on Android Phone

Step #2. Next, open the Twitter app and head over to the tweet you wish to save as GIF.

Step #3. Now, you need to tap the tweet.

Tap the tweet

Step #4. Tap on More button at the top of the tweet (three vertical dots) and choose Copy link to the tweet.

Tap on More button and choose Copy link to tweet

Step #5. Next, open Tweet2gif on your device and paste in the link.

Open Tweet2gif on your device and paste in the link

You have the option to download it either as a GIF file or MP4 file. I am going to download it as the MP4 file. The GIF will be saved in the Gallery app.

The GIF will be saved in the Gallery app

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How to Save GIFs from Twitter on iPhone or iPad

If you have iPhone or iPad and want to download favorite GIF from Twitter, then you can use the third-party app called “GIFwrapped.” Here’s how to do it!

Step #1. First off, Download and install GIFwrapped App on your iOS device.

Step #2. Open the Twitter app and look for the GIF you wish to save, Tap on tiny arrow at the top right corner of the post.

Look for GIF on TwitterStep #3. Now, Select “Share Tweet via…” and then tap on “Copy link to Tweet.” Once you tap the copy link to a tweet, you will get informed that the link to tweet has been copied to the clipboard.

Tap on Share and Copy URL in Twitter on iPhoneStep #4. Next, Open the GIFwrapped app, select search tap and then tap on “Use the clipboard.” After few seconds, you will see the GIF image.

Open GIFwrapped App and Copy the URL in Search section on iPhoneStep #5. You can save it to the App library by selecting GIF and tapping at the right corner option to get save option.

Save Animated GIFs from Twitter on iPhoneOnce you save the GIF in-app library, then you can share it any other social media platforms.

That’s done!

That’s it!

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This is how you can use these third-party apps to save gift from Twitter on your Android and iOS devices. Hope you got your favorite GIF with this guide. If you face any difficulty while following this procedure, let us know it in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.