No worry whether you have sent a wrong message to a group or a personal chat, WhatsApp’s new “Delete for everyone” feature let you delete that wrong sent message easily. This feature will help you most when you don’t want someone to read the message that sent by mistake. Here’s a full guide to using this most requested feature to delete wrongly sent WhatsApp message on Android and iPhone.

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Delete for everyone” feature only works within 7 minutes of sending a message. Hence, keep it in your mind when you send an embarrassing message to anyone. Once you successfully delete a message for everyone, it will replace with “This message was deleted”. Similarly, you can also delete a message for yourself only. Furthermore, this will work for all photos, GIFs, videos, locations, files, contacts and voice messages. Let’s find out how to use WhatsApp “delete for everyone” feature to recall the sent message on Android and iPhone.
How to Delete Wrongly Sent WhatsApp Message on Android and iPhone

How to Use WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone” Feature to Recall Sent Messages

Note: Make sure that you and your receiver using the latest WhatsApp version.

Step #1. Open WhatsApp and head over to the message you want to delete.

Step #2. Now, tap and hold the message then tap on Delete icon.

Tap and hold message then tap on Delete icon in WhatsAppStep #3. Once you tap the delete icon, you will get three options – Delete for Me, Cancel and Delete for Everyone.

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Here you will get Delete for Me, Cancel and Delete for Everyone in WhatsAppStep #4. Select “Delete for Everyone” to delete the message for you and your recipient, and you can also select “Delete for Me” delete the message from only your chat.

That’s it!

This is how you can remove WhatsApp messages for everyone or just for yourself. Hope you like the guide. Do share with your friend. What is your opinion about this new “delete for everyone” feature? Is this feature really worthwhile? Drop comments or follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.