Unroll.me service designed to reduce a mess in your Gmail inbox. So, you can efficiently manage your email and unsubscribe certain irritating newsletters. But in April 2016, Unroll.me has caught out for selling users data to a third-party for profit like they sold data to Uber. That was very awful! That’s why people decided to remove Unroll.me account to secure their data.

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Considering interest of those people, we are here to guide you how to delete your Unroll.me account and revoke Unroll.me permission to your Gmail account. You can either go through the Unroll.me web or using iOS and Android Unroll.me app. Go ahead to see how to do it!
How to Delete Unroll.me Account and Remove their access to Gmail Account

Quick Access:

How to Delete your Unroll.me Account

Step #1. Go to Unroll.me and login to your account.

Login your Account in Unroll.meStep #2. Next, click on your username to get the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

Click on Your username in Unroll.meStep #3. From the drop-down menu, click on Settings.

Click on Settings in Unroll.meStep #4. Now scroll down to the bottom, and click on DELETE MY ACCOUNT.

Click on Delete my Account in Unroll.meStep #5. Click on ‘Cancel My Unsubscribe Requests & Delete My Account’.
Click on Cancel My Unsubscribe Requests & Delete My Account

How to Delete Unroll.me Account from iPhone and Android

Step #1. Launch Unroll.me app on your Smartphone.

Launch Unroll.me app on iPhoneStep #2. Next, tap on Setting icon at the top-left corner.

Tap on Setting icon at the top-left corner in Unroll.me AppStep #3. Now, Tap on Settings and then tap on Delete account.

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Tap on Settings and then tap on Delete account in Unroll.me AppStep #4. Finally, tap on ‘Delete my account’ and tap on Yes to confirm it again.
Tap on Delete my account and tap on Yes to confrim to Delete Unroll.me Account

How to Revoke Unroll.me permission on your Gmail account

Once you have deleted your Unroll.me account, if you want to make sure that you Unroll.me have no access to your Gmail data then you can Revoke Unroll.me’s permission on your Gmail account. Here’s how to check it:

Step #1. Go to myaccount.google.com and login your Gmail account.

Step #2. Next, select “App with account access” under the “Sign-in & security” section.

Click on App with account access in Google AccountStep #3. Now, click on “Manage Apps” and look for Unroll.me.

Click on Manage Apps in your Gmail accountStep #4. Once you found it, click on Unroll.me and then hit the “Remove Access” button next to the Unroll.me.

Click on Unroll.me in Google Account

Click on Remove Access to Revoke Unroll.mes permissionStep #5. Finally, hit the “OK”.

Click on OKThat’s it!

You can also see the list of other service is accessing your data. You can even remove them as well if you don’t want to share your data. Hope you got the way to get over to Unroll.me.

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