iOS is the most powerful and fastest operating system developed by Apple for iPhone and iPad. Unlike an Android, it is not easy to manage and backup files between the computer and iPhone, just because iPhone or iPad uses iTunes to sync data. Backing up and Syncing data with iTunes is a tedious task and simplicity to transfer files between two devices is missing. Apple has tried to give simplicity in every next update, but it didn’t work at all if we compare the procedure to transfer files on or from Android OS devices. Hence, iOS users need a tool which has simplicity and can easily do all the tasks. Over here DearMob iPhone Manager tool would be helpful.

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This software has user-friendly interface and all in one feature to connect and transfer files easily. I like this app most compare to other iPhone manager tools just because DearMob iPhone Manager is the most straightforward and secure solution to transfer and manage data between your iPhone, iPad, and computer. If you are looking for this kind of tool for a hassle-free data transfer, then it’s a time to say Goodbye to iTunes and start using DearMob iPhone Manager Tool.

DearMob iPhone Manager Review

DearMob iPhone Manager Review: Easily Manage, Transfer, Backup and Restore your iOS Device

Powerful Photo Manager

Photo sharing and transferring between your iPhone, iPad, and computer is very straightforward with this app. It works fast and can transfer 100 photos with an original quality within 8 seconds. This tools will help you to vanish unwanted pictures and filer only your favorite albums. One of the peak features of this tools is you can preview and covert HEIC photos as well, so you can easily manage your iPhone HEIC photos files.

DearMob iPhone Photo Manager Feature

Best Music Manager

Managing music on iPhone and iPad is not easy like Android devices. But, with this app, it has become a simple and safe way to transfer and manage music between your iPhone, iPad, and computer without using a messy iTunes. Furthermore, you can also create a new media file, delete a song, edit music info of a song, make a ringtone from your favorite songs, and can do a lot more creative things with this app. So, now you don’t need to worry about your music files got wiped while managing in iTunes.

DearMob iPhone Music Manager Feature

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Backup & Restore

DearMob iPhone Manager also has one of the most useful features to create a backup &restore data on your iPhone or iPad. If you have a fear to lose any important doc files or contacts or any media files, then simply connect your iPhone to this app, and head over to the “backup your device”, click “back up now”, and create a copy of a data on your computer. You can also encrypt your back data by checking “Encrypt your backup”. Similarly, you can restore by just entering the “backup” in the main interface and select “restore backup files” and choose the right copy and then just hit the “Restore now” option.

DearMob iPhone Manager Backup & Restore Feature

Best Video Management

Managing videos is also a topmost useful feature of the DearMob iPhone Manager software. Whether you want to transfer, add, export, or delete videos, you can simply head over the video section and just hit the export, add or delete option at the top to perform your job. Besides, in a case, if a video is not supported on your iPhone, then you can even convert that video to the MP4 to play on your iOS device.

DearMob iPhone Video Manager Feature

What’s more?

Well, managing photos, music, and videos all are crown features of the app. There are a few more things to offer such as managing files, contact, podcast, voice, apps, messages, calendar, bookmarks, and flash drive as well. Hence, you can manage everything with the help of this user-friendly app. You can get all these features on a simple page with different icons. So, you will just need to connect your iPhone first to the computer and click on any simple icon to do your task quickly.


Talking about pricing and availability, the DearMob iPhone Manager Tools is available for Windows as well as Mac. The one-year license key for the one PC is available at the $39.95 ($59.95) and the lifetime license will cost you $47.95 ($67.95) for two PCs. You can also go with the family license package at the cost of $69.95 ($107.95) for up to 3 PCs with the video converter option. And the same price to buy Mac version. There is also a free trial version of DearMob iPhone Manager available that you can download as well to test its features.

Wrapping Up

For me, DearMob iPhone Manager is the free piece of Godsend. What about you? Let’s try this iPhone manage tool to manage your iOS data and free your iPhone from unwanted files. Once you started using this tools, do not forget to share your experience with us in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.