Since Snapchat allows its user to create a custom story, you can also make a Geo-Fenced story as well. So, whether you are having a birthday party or gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving, you just need to create Geo-Fenced stories for those who are nearby on your geographic parameter. So, if you are having a party, then just add a Geofenced story to invite your friends to the geofenced area and add a snap to your story.

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While setting up a Geofence story, you can either add only your friends to add a snap or choose friends of friends to add fun to your party. Well, there is no restriction on viewing, all your friends, and their friends can see the story if they are within the Geofence area. Are you ready to create a Geo-Fenced story on Snapchat? Then, get prepared for your Android or iPhone and go ahead to know the steps!
How to Create a Geo-Fenced Story in Snapchat on Android and iPhone

How to Create A Geo-Fenced Story in Snapchat on Android and iPhone

Before heading to the procedure, make sure that you have turned on location on your device. As Snapchat use your device’s location to make a Geo-Fenced snap, you have to turn it on.

Step #1. Open Snapchat on your smartphone.

Open Snapchat on your Android or iPhoneStep #2. Next, swipe left to open your snap story menu.

Swipe left to open Snap story menu in SnapchatStep #3. Tap on the Plus button at the top right corner.

Tap on Plus button create GeoFenced Story in SnapchatStep #4. Select “Geo Story,” it will detect your location and add a boundary. You can also change the range of the border.

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Select Geo Story in SnapchatStep #5. Tap on Create Story, give a name and Save it.

Tap on Create Story, give a name and Save it on SnapchatStep #6. Now go back to your story menu and select newly created Geo Fenced story to add a snap. You can use 3D stickers on your Snapchat story to make your story catchier.

Select created Geo Fenced story to add a snap in SnapchatThat’s it!

Once you have created a Snapchat Geo Fence story, your friends or their friends will be able to view your new Geo-Fenced story as per your story settings and join your party. Well, if you don’t want someone to track your location, then you can enable “Ghost Mode” in Snapchat’s new Snap Map to make yourself invisible.

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Signing off

Well, this feature is specially designed to invite your friends without heading door-to-door. If you have followed this guide and having a fun, then do not forget to share your happiness with us in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.