Facebook-owned- WhatsApp has added a silver line to the millions of Indian Android and iOS users to start sending & receiving money through the new UPI-based WhatsApp Payment feature. Well, some users are still can’t see Payment option in WhatsApp, and quite a few users are getting “couldn’t link your account with UPI” error while adding a bank account. Don’t worry! It can be fixed.

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While setting up WhatsApp Payment for the first time, I also encountered with the “couldn’t link your account with UPI” error when I selected my phone number. It could take place due to unstable internet connection or maybe the phone number is not linked to a bank or any other reason. But, after trying below solutions, I fixed couldn’t link your bank account to WhatsApp problem on my Android and iPhone. Now, let check out how it works!

Could not Link Your Bank Account to WhatsApp

How to Solve “Couldn’t Link Your Account with UPI” error in WhatsApp

Solution #1: Make Sure You Have sufficient Balance

When you start the WhatsApp Payment set up for the first time, you will need to verify your phone number for the security purpose. So, there you will have to tap the “verify via SMS” with the green button and it will send a verification SMS from your phone. Thus, for sure it could be chargeable SMS. Hence, make it sure first that you have enough balance to send a verification SMS. If your balance is zero, then you couldn’t be able to add your bank account to WhatsApp.

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Solution #2: Check Your Internet Connection

Even after trying several times, if you are persisting getting the same error on the screen then make it sure that you have a proper internet connection on your phone. In a case, if you are using Wi-Fi connection, then try to use your mobile data or also try to switch your internet network to other Wi-Fi networks and try the setup process again.

Solution #3: Check Your Phone Number

After following both above solutions, if you still couldn’t able to attach your bank account to WhatsApp then maybe you are using the wrong phone number. So, make it sure that you are using the phone number for WhatsApp Payments is the same one you have linked to your bank account. If not, then you will need to try to set up with the same number that linked to your bank account. In a case, if you don’t have that number, then go to the bank and replace the number with your current one you have and start the procedure.

Solution #4: Clear App Caches

If the above three things are proper and you still aren’t able to add a bank account to the WhatsApp, then try to clear app caches of the app. This is one of the usual and quick solutions that generally work for all apps to fix some glitch. So, go to the Settings → App → WhatsApp → Storage and Clear Caches.

Solution #5: Re-Install the WhatsApp

Here’s one of simplest solutions you can try to uninstall and re-install the app to solve the problem. Sometimes when you install any apps, it misses some useful factors to work the new feature efficiently. Hence, you can try to re-install the WhatsApp Messenger app to get rid of the “could not link your bank account with UPI” error on your Android and iPhone.

Problem Solved?

Well, these were five possible methods that can fix the WhatsApp couldn’t link your bank account problem. For me, the first solutions worked like a miracle. Hope this worked for you as well. If it didn’t, then we have given other options too. Once you override this problem with above ways, then do not forget to share your happiness with us in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.