While accessing iTunes on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, you face many errors. iTunes Error 3194 or iTunes Error 9006 have easy fix, but what about fixing ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes Store’ error? If this error keeps on occurring, then your frustration is understandable.

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There is always a cure to a problem and today we are going to have the solution to fix this ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes’ error. There are many solutions for this, and you just need to go through one after the other to check whether you got rid of the trouble or not. So shall we start?

How to Fix the Cannot Connect to iTunes Store Error

“Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” Error? Solutions to fix the Issue

Solution #1: Check Time and Date Settings

If you have a habit of not checking the correct time and date, then iTunes will have a problem with that. So just go to Settings → General → Date & Time and make sure that you adjust correct time and date. It is a good idea that you put the toggle against ‘Set Automatically’ option to ON.

Check Time and Date Settings on iPhone

Solution #2: Is your iOS up-to-date?

It is necessary for you to have the latest version of your iOS. Otherwise, you will face this error for sure. So again go to Settings → General → Software Update and make sure you get the most recent software in your iOS enabled device.

Check your iPhone iOS up-to-date

Solution #3: Check your Data Connection

One should always keep the data connection on, whether it is a WiFi connection or a Cellular/Mobile Data connection. Just go to Settings and then to WiFi and check if you are getting good signal strength or not. You should also make sure by going to Settings → Cellular/ Mobile Data and check if you are keeping the toggle switch to on or not.

Check your Data Connection on your iPhone

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Solution #4: Turn off VPN

Apple’s iTunes may also not allow you access because you might be running a VPN. It is advisable to turn off your VPN for some time so that you can see whether you can connect to iTunes or not. Go to Settings and then tap on VPN to disable it. If the error is no longer bothering you then from next time, keep in mind that it is VPN which is giving you the trouble.

Solution #5: Isolate two iOS Devices

You need to check whether the problem is restricted to just one iOS device or not. Because when you have two iOS devices connected, for example, iPhone and Mac, it is hard to decide which device is problematic. So check one device after the other and see whether it is iPhone, iPad or Mac device is making trouble. Once you find the trouble maker, make sure you clear it.

Solution #6: Check your Router

If you are getting good signals from your ISP and still you are not able to get rid of ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes Store’ error, then there must be a problem with your router. So, resetting your router is the best solution under such circumstances. This might solve the problem.

Solution #7: Check if Apple’s Servers are down

Hope you are aware about Apple’s System Status Page. This page gives very useful information about each of its services. So just visit the page and check whether your error is due to some problem with Apple servers or not. If everything is working smoothly at Apple, then the trouble must be with your device.

Solution #8: App Store on Mac Specific Problem

Like we mentioned above regarding iOS update is must, for Mac also you should have an up-to-date version. Even if it is updated and still you are finding it difficult to use Mac App Store, iBook Store or iTunes Store then you must follow these steps.

  • Update your OS X operating system if you are using an outdated version because OS X uses to apps which are Safari and iTunes. So the outdated version will be blacklisted by Apple. The solution for this is to launch the Mac App Store and open the Updates tab and then install the updates, which is a must.
  • Make sure that firewall settings are off, even if you are using third party firewall apps then you must either set the settings off or allow both incoming and outgoing connections for Mac App Store, iBooks Store, and iTunes Store.
  • Just like on iOS check whether VPN is making trouble or not. So, disconnect the VPN from the Menu Bar and see if the problem is solved or not.
  • Reset your modem or router if nothing works from above. In many cases, this troubleshoots works correctly.
  • Just like iOS check the Apple’s System Status webpage on your Mac also so that you will be able to know whether there is a problem with Apple’s servers or with your device.
  • Check every source possible, and for that, you even need to call your ISP provider. Some ISPs block access to certain ports which are part of the Apple’s digital content stores. So, contact your ISP and ask whether they blocked any of those content stores or not.
  • For Windows users, checks the latest version of iTunes installed and see whether it is updated or not. If it is not updated, then please update it to solve the problem. Also check firewalls settings, VPN, Data settings as we followed while talking about iOS and Mac.
  • For both Mac and Windows if you have anti-virus software then that too can be a trouble maker. Sometimes this anti-virus software reports iTunes as a false negative, and it blocks the internet accesses privileges. The good idea is to check this in your anti-virus software and make sure that the access for iTunes is not blocked.

These are the best possible solutions to fix the ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes Store’ error. You may try these solutions one by one and see whether you get rid of them or not.

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Do let us know how these solutions worked for you. Your feedbacks are welcomed here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.