In literal meaning, Xiaomi means millet which is a group of grass which has small seeds. When in 2010 a serial entrepreneur Lei Jun who founded Xiaomi it was like a small seed of grass, but today, it is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Xiaomi is known for its remarkable software, hardware, and internet services and has over 8000 employees.

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In 2014 Xiaomi entered the huge Indian market in partnership with and today, after two years, it has become the number one selling smartphone brand online and the second largest smartphone brand in India as per the latest IDC report.

On 15 Feb 2017, Xiaomi visited Ahmedabad and introduced their latest device “Redmi Note 4″. Let’s have a look that how that excited conference was.

Conference: Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4 Launch (Ahmedabad, India Edition)

It begins with a cool video of “A New Note Rises!”

Manu Jain, ‎Vice President, Xiaomi and Managing Director, Xiaomi India came on stage and very quickly asked us a question. “Who are MI?” There were so many answers, and one of my favorites was “Mission Impossible”. That was correct, as MI has made impossible into “I am possible” in Indian Smartphone market.

Manu shared MI stands for “Mobile Internet” and their vision is to build an innovation for everyone at an affordable price and make it easy access for all of us to buy and to be around the technologies.

“Product is at the core of Xiaomi’s strategy, and a strong line-up of products with distinctive technologies innovations has been critical in driving our India story” said Manu Jain.

According to MIT Report, Xiaomi was ranked at 2nd place in the list of smartest companies of the year 2015.

Xiaomi was ranked at 2nd place in the list of smartest companies of the year 2015

And why don’t they, as there are more than 200 million active users of MIUI and that was in a very short time of approx 5 years of Xiaomi’s journey.

I still remember a day when MI started selling a Mi3 smartphone on Flipkart, and that was the first step of MI in Indian smartphone market. I was amazed at the features Mi3 has and decided to buy it. I logged into Flipkart, and I was like “Oh My God…!” Very first time I saw Flipkart website was down. FirstPost also reported the site was temporary crashed for 40 minutes for the first time.

Above are the impressive stats of Xiaomi in the Indian and global market, now it’s time for understating all new Redmi Note 4.

To introduce the same Jai Mani came on the stage.

He shared Redmi Note 3 was the Phone of the Year 2016 and even a most searched keyword in India before Alia Bhatt, Virat Kohli, and Sachin Tendulkar.

Redmi Note 3 the most searched keyword in India

Redmi Note 3 has marked his presence as Highest shipped smartphone in India’s online Smartphone Industry. Over 3.6M Units sold in the year 2016.

Over 3.6M Units of Redmi Note 3 sold in the year 2016

Redmi Note 4 is far better then Redmi Note 3, and other smartphones come under this 15K price range. So what are the upgrades Redmi Note 4 coming up with?

  • It has Premium Metal Body.
  • Powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Octa-core processer.
  • 4100mAh high-density battery clamming 25% more longer batter life.
  • 13MP CMOS camera and 5MP Front camera.
  • 5.5 Full HD Display
  • Dual Sim supports LTE & VoLTE
  • 4GB RAM + 64GB Flash, 3GB RAM + 32GB Flash, 2GB RAM + 32GB Flash.
  • Rear Fingerprint sensor.

But what else rater then specification Redmi Note 4 is better then Redmi Note 3?

Jai has showcased a couple of test results and comparison of battery life of Redmi Note 4 and Redmi Note 3:

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Redmi Note 4
(battery life – hours)
Redmi Note 3
(battery life – hours)
% Improvements
Standby 468 419 12%
Music Playback 158 99 60%
Video Playback 26 17 55%
Gaming 17 13 27%
Reading 43 30 44%
3G Talk Time 64 44 46%
HD Video Recording 12 9 7%
FHD Video Recording 10 8 6%

Apart from these interesting stats, Xiaomi team did a thermal test. Redmi Note 4 found the coolest phone and comfortable to use high-end tasks like continually playing 3D Games and lot more.

thermal test of Redmi Note 4

Redmi Note 4 produce clear picture compare to previous versions phones. It has 13MP CMOS camera, which captures more lights and brighter picture compares to other smartphones camera. So, if you like to click the picture and looking for a high-end but handy device then Redmi Note 4 can be the good pick.

As I said at the time of launch of Mi3, Flipkart’s website was down, and they sold 10,000 units in first 10 min. And with RedMi Note 4 it happened again. Not exactly that Flipkart’s website went down, but they sold 250,000 in just 10 minutes across and Flipkart and guessed what, I was the luckiest one to buy Redmi Note 4 in the first sale.

Just like Redmi Note 3 the latest device Redmi Note 4 will gain the similar popularity and will be heartily accepted by the Indian consumers.

After the presentataion, I got a chance to speak with Jai Mani personally, and I asked so many questions related to current and upcoming products of Xiaomi. If I summarized all answers of my questions, then we can judge Xiaomi is not limited to smartphones. It also manufactures consumer related products like Smart Home kit, Air purifier, Smart Weighing Scale, Water purifier, Heating Pressure Rice Cooker, Robotic Vacuum and also blood pressure monitor.

As Manu said, their vision is to build innovations and Xiaomi is moving the same direction. We have to wait for some time, and in nearest future, we will see a huge acceptance Xiaomi’s other household and electronics products in India.