Unfortunately, Netflix run into several annoying issues at times due to various reasons like connection error, service being down and more.

Luckily, there are some handy tricks to fix these issues quickly. On numerous occasions, I use these tips to resolve a number of common problems. If you also encounter several issues while using Netflix on your device, check out these tried and tested solutions. Let’s cross over!

Common Issue with Netflix  and their quick fixes:

Is Netflix Down?

A lot of Netflix users report that they often face errors like Cannot Connect to Netflix, Netflix is Not Available, Cannot reach Netflix.com etc. Such errors may occur due to service being down, local phone problem or system wide problems.

Some of the Common errors that most Netflix users encounter:

  • Android Error: Connection Failed
  • Sorry, we are unable to reach the Netflix service. Please try again later or visit www.netflix.com
  • Cannot Connect to Netflix
  • Netflix is Not Available
  • Netflix is Unavailable
  • Unable to Connect to Netflix
  • Cannot reach Netflix.com

To find out if Netflix is down, use DownDetector to check where users are having trouble using the service.

Try to reset your connection or test on a cell phone connection to check out if there is a local problem.

Make sure there is proper internet connection on your device.

Netflix streaming problems?

If facing Netflix streaming problems, you will see a bad quality video or it will take a lot of time in starting a show.

This issue may occur owing to poor internet connection. Most users who face such problems are reported to be on a shared Internet connection. Do the Speed-test on your device to check out you have the required speed for SD as well as HD quality.

Restart your smartphone, TV, Game Console as usual.

Restart the Router.

You need to unplug your wireless router from power for 60 seconds and then plug it back in.

Restart the Modem.

Simply unplug the modem from your Internet Company for about 30 to 60 seconds and plug it back in.

Make Sure to Check the Wi-Fi Router Location.

You will need to move your router to a higher place if it is hidden behind anything.
Try to directly connect your device to the modem from your ISP with an Ethernet cable to find out if your router is causing the problem or if it is an issue related to the internet provider.

Netflix Connection Problems

If you are unable to connect to Netflix, make sure to check if there is proper internet connection on your device. Visit another website to see you have the internet connection.

  • If you are on your mobile device, switch to cellular or WiFi.
  • Restart the Netflix app.
  • Restart your device.
  • Uninstall Netflix app and then re-install it.

Netflix Error 1011 & 1012

There are two major Netflix problems which most Android and iOS users face. They are Error 1011 and Netflix Error 1012.

Reset the Netflix app.

On iPhone/iPad

Step #1. Open Settings app.

Step #2. Scroll down until you see Netflix. Tap on Netflix.

Step #3. Tap on Reset and then press your Home Button.

Step #4. Launch Netflix again and sign back in.

On Android Smartphone

Step #1. From the Home screen on your Android device, you need to navigate to Settings.

Step #2. Select Apps.

Step #3. Select Netflix.

Step #4. Select Clear data, then OK.

Step #5. Try Netflix again.

If the problem still persists, restart your device. You can also turn on/off the network connection a few times or try other internet connection.

Reset Netflix

Faced with Netflix problem on your Smart TV, PS4, Xbox One or other connected device? Enter the code given below on your device.

Step #1. Open Netflix on your device.

Step #2. Enter the code using your remote. “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up”.

Step #3. Option to deactivate Netflix will appear on the screen. Deactivate it and then sign back in.

Netflix Error 1016

The error code 1016 is yet another common problem encountered by many iPhone users. It may happen due to bad internet connection.

Swipe up from the bottom to bring up Control Center, tap on Airplane icon to turn it on. After a few seconds, tap on it again to turn it off. Then try to open the app again.

Netflix Error 12001

Most Android smartphone users are reported to have faced with Netflix Error 12001. It is because the data on your device is out of date and hence needed to be cleared.

Step #1. Open Android Settings.

Step #2. Application Manager (Apps or Applications)

Step #3. Tap on Netflix.

Step #4. Tap on Clear Data, Then Tap ‘OK’.

Many Users on Netflix

If the connection is lost or you happen to share the Netflix password with others, this message will appear on the screen. “Your Netflix account is in use on another device. Please stop playing on other devices to continue. Visit Netflix.com/help for more information.”

This problem will be fixed on its own but you will have to wait for about two hours.
Check to see who is connected to your account. You can disconnect someone to stop sharing

Change your password and then go to the Netflix website, My Account, Sign Out of All Devices.

Netflix Suspicious Sign in Problems

If you receive an email from Netflix with the subject, “Netflix Password reset required” suggesting you to create a new Netflix password, you will need to act quickly. Don’t click any of the links. Straight away go to Netflix website and reset the password.

“We have detected a suspicious sign-in to your Netflix account. Your Netflix account may have been compromised by a website or a service not associated with Netflix. Just to be safe and prevent any further unauthorized access to your account, we’ve reset your password.”

Reset Netflix Password

You may require changing the password at some point. It’s quite simple to do so.

Step #1. Go to Netflix.com and sign in.

Step #2. Click on My Account.

Step #3. Next, click on Change password.

Step #4. Enter your old password once and your new password twice.

If you have forgotten your Netflix password, you have the option to reset it by clicking Forgot password on the Netflix login page. There are options to reset by email, text or a voice call.
Besides, you have the option to choose if users will need to sign in again with the new password or not. If you no longer want to give access to your account to someone, you can remove him/her from your account.

Netflix PS4 Problems

If you have faced PS4 Netflix problems but are able to use other Internet apps and services on the PS4, you need to reinstall the Netflix app.

Head over to the TV & Video screen on your PS4. Press the Options button on the controller → Delete → OK.

Even after you have deleted it, Netflix icon will still be on your screen. You need to select it and re-download it on your device. Sign in and then try streaming again.

Netflix Apple TV Problems

If you are unable to watch Netflix on your Apple TV, you need to restart your device.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, you have to unplug it from the Internet and the TV for some time and then plug it back in. Then turn everything back on.

The issue still unresolved? Sign out of the app on your device. Press the play button and then select sign out or deactivate. If the error appears while you are watching Netflix, press the menu.

If you see the error when you are watching a movie, press menu. When “Who’s Watching Netflix message appears on the screen, choose Sign out. Sign back in and check out if has clicked or not.

You will have to update your Apple TV if the problem still persists.

Netflix Black Screen Problems

While trying to stream Netflix on your Mac or PC, if black screen appears, you can fix it instantly.

Visit Netflix Cookie Clearing website. It will sign you out of the app and also remove some of your files from your PC. Open Netflix again and sign in.

If it doesn’t help you in solving the issue, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Close your browser completely and then try to stream any program.
  • Use Chrome or FireFox in place of Safari or Internet Explorer.
  • Uninstall the Silverlight Plugin from your computer.

If your antivirus software is invalid, it may also be causing the problem. Hence, make sure to check if it is up-to-date or not.

Xbox One Netflix Problems

If you encounter Xbox One Netflix problems, you need to act quickly to fix them.

First off, you have to completely turn off your Xbox One for about 30 seconds.

If it doesn’t resolve the issue, you will have to launch the Netflix app, press the Xbox One menu button on the controller → select Settings → Log Out.

You need to log back in and check out if the problem is solved. Try to uninstall the app and then re-install it.

Take Help from Netflix

If all the above-mentioned solutions have failed to resolve the issue, you will need to contact Netflix for help. You have various options to connect someone to the service by phone or chat. You can also contact it on Twitter @NetflixHelps.

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