In the recent times, have you must have noticed that your Google Chrome has been working ever so slowly on your Windows 10 than before? Well, the same is the case with many other friends as well. Previously, when this used to happen, we used to blame the operating system of our PC that is Windows. So whenever we wipe off our Operating System and reinstall it and the Chrome too, the net surfing used to get normal and faster, and we used to feel happy about it again. But for past few months, we have noticed that even wiping off the Operating System completely and reinstalling Chrome has also not worked and the browser keeps on getting slower as the day progresses.

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One more noticeable thing has happened with Chrome is that the main window would work fine, but when we try and open more tabs, it becomes slow. This has also happened after the update done by Microsoft’s recently for Windows 10, as per our observations. To speed up Chrome, people started to remove few extensions, but the result was zero. Some even blamed it, and then to the Operating System, but when they shifted to Firefox, they felt that OS has nothing to do with the slowness of Chrome and the problem lies within the browser only.

How to Fix Google Chrome Running Slow in Windows 10

How to Speed Up Google Chrome on Windows 10

So what is the solution? As Google Chrome has been a favorite browser for many like us. We have got the solution for this problem to help all. We don’t claim that it will work for sure because the results are found different with different people, but it is really worth a try to give.

Step #1. Open Google Chrome on your Windows 10.

Step #2. Go to the top right corner of Chrome where you will see three horizontal lines.

Go to the top right corner of Chrome

Step #3. Next, Click on it and go down to “Settings”.

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Go down to “Settings”

Step #4. Now in Settings just scroll down and click on “Show Advanced Settings” tab.

Under Settings just scroll down and click on “Show Advanced Settings” tab

Step #5. Over here keep on scrolling down till you find “System Section”. From the two options you see here, uncheck the second box, which is mentioning “Use hardware acceleration when available.” then Click on restart it.

In “System Section”. Uncheck the second box, “Use hardware acceleration when available.” then Click on restart it

Signing Off

Before we go, again we want to clarify that these steps mentioned above, don’t give any guarantee that you will get back the speed of your Chrome, but it has worked successfully on many systems. So after using these steps has it made any difference to the speed of your browser or not? Please let us know in comments section given below or on FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus.