Not only the mobile network companies but now an automotive giant like Chevrolet has also jumped into the unlimited data plans. According to the Verge, Chevrolet announced an unlimited data offer for a 4G LTE to the drivers who can use it while they are inside their cars. This plan will be available across the United States of America from 3rd March, i.e. tomorrow.

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The cost of this unlimited 4G LTE plan is $20 to start with, and the subscribers will have a prepaid OnStar 4G LTE WiFi hotspot in his car. AT&T enables this hotspot, and while you are driving your Chevrolet, you are going to have unlimited data to use.

Chevrolet Rolls Out Unlimited LTE Plan for the Drivers

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The new data plan by Chevrolet comes after the company found that the in-car usage of WiFi jumped last year and the customers used almost 4 million gigabytes data. If we compare this to the data used on OnStar hotspots in 2015, it is a direct increase of 200 percent!

Competition is also the primary reason as per the reports because United States Carriers are also rolling out their unlimited subscription options. This contest will certainly not end here because the chances are great that the competitors of Chevrolet may soon jump into this and more automobile companies may also roll out such unlimited LTE plans across the country.

For those who are always on the move and driving and have made their cars a secondary workstation, this news has come as a big boon. With the faster-moving world now at least the Chevrolet drivers can match the steps for sure.