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Camera Lenses

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Best Camera Lenses for iPhone and Android Smartphone

Today, a Smartphone comes ready with an advanced camera which offers zoom in, zoom outs, panorama views, texture edits, et al. But for a…


Problems with the OnePlus 3 and How to Fix Them

Problems with the OnePlus 3? Here are Solutions to Fix Them

OnePlus 3 is the new flagship in the market. At half the price of flagships from other brands, you are getting the latest processor…

How to Recover Gmail Account Password within Minutes

How to Recover Gmail Account Password within Minutes!

Aren't you using a number of social media sites? If you are positively nodding your head now, chances are you use to forget them unless…

Best Android Sports Games

Best Android Sports Games: Explore the New World of Sports on Your Smartphones!

Do you love playing games on your Android device? Gone are the days when we used to prefer the computer to have intensive graphic…

How to Fix Snapchat Login Temporarily Failed Error on Android

How to Fix “Snapchat Login Temporarily Failed” Error on Android Phone

What the heck? You get occasional login error messages on Android, don't you? Snapchat is a handy app that is the best way to share…

How to Add Stickers to Photos in Twitter on iPhone and Android

How to Use Stickers in Photos on iPhone or Android Twitter App

After looking at Facebook photo stickers getting popular, Twitter too has introduced its own sets of stickers to both its iPhone and Android apps…

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