There is one problem that I often run into on my Windows PC is related to Bluetooth. There are various reasons such as, Bluetooth driver being outdated, the malfunctioning of the networking hardware that prevent it from working properly.

Fortunately, I have been able to find out some of the best tricks to resolve the “Bluetooth not working issue”. Frankly speaking, they are my go-to tips in order to ensure my work never gets disturbed due to this problem.

Best Tips and Tricks to Fix Bluetooth not working Issue on Windows PC

Quick Solutions:

  • You need to make sure that the wireless radio is on: Click on the Bluetooth icon to ensure that it’s enabled.
  • Check the Bluetooth to make sure it’s working perfectly.
  • A number of Bluetooth devices have an automatic sleep or stand-by mode. You will have to wake the device before it can be used. Simply, press or click a button on the device to wake it up.
  • Wireless devices eat into batteries fast. So, make sure to use a new battery.

Solution #1: Remove and Add the Bluetooth Devices

If the Bluetooth audio devices or the wireless keyboard and mouse are not detected by the Bluetooth on your computer, you will need to remove it and then add it again.

Step #1. Head over to the Control Panel.

Step #2. Next, you need to click on “Hardware and Sound” and “Bluetooth Devices”.

Step #3. Now, you need to select the device that’s not working and click “Remove”.

Step #4. Next, click on “Add” and then press the reset button on the device.

Step #5. Now, you have to select “My device is set up and ready to be found” and click “Next”.

Step #6. When the Bluetooth device is found, you will have to select it, click “Next” and follow the process.

Solution #2: Allow Bluetooth Devices to Connect to This Computer

If you are not able to connect to the computer from your Bluetooth enabled device, you need to make sure you have allowed the Bluetooth devices to connect to your computer. Try the steps below:

Step #1. Go to Control Panel.

Step #2. Next, you have to click on “Hardware and Sound” and “Bluetooth Devices”.

Step #3. Click on the Options tab.

Step #4. Make sure to check the box next to “Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer”.

Solution #3: Check out if Bluetooth Device Monitor is Running Properly or not.

Make sure Bluetooth, Bluetooth OBEX Service, Bluetooth Device Monitor as well as Bluetooth Support Services are properly running.

Step #1. You need to run services.msc. in order to open the Services Manager.

Step #2. Now, you need to check if they have been set to Automatic (delayed) or Service is started and running. It’s not, you will have to click on the Start Service button if it’s not set up

Solution 4: Make sure to check out PnPlayer

The Bluetooth issue may happen due to some problem in the PnPlayer as well. If your computer is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 and you encounter the following issues after installing a Bluetooth adapter.

  • The Bluetooth Support Service won’t start after you restarted your computer.
  • Bluetooth devices are not working properly.
  • The search operation doesn’t seem to be ending when searching for Bluetooth devices in Control Panel.
  • The progress bar seems to have got stuck.

In order to fix these issues, you will have to apply Fix308817.

Solution #5: Check the status of the Bluetooth hardware

A Bluetooth gizmo might be causing all sort of problems. The other device may not be compatible with your computer. Or there may be issues with the Bluetooth networking hardware.

Step #1. First up, you have to click the Bluetooth icon in the notification area. And then, you have to choose the command Open Settings (in Windows 7) or Open Bluetooth Settings (in Windows Vista).

The Bluetooth settings dialog box will appear on the screen. Then, you will have to use the dialog box to check the several settings for the Bluetooth hardware. As for instance, you need to click on Restore Defaults button to get rid of all the previous, if the adapter is not working correctly.

Step #2. Click the OK button in order to close the Bluetooth settings dialog box once you are done.

Solution #6. Fix the Bluetooth Driver

The Bluetooth driver allows computer and the Bluetooth to communicate. Hence, you must check if the Bluetooth driver is in working condition or not.

Driver Talent, a highly qualified tool, can quickly help you identify if the Bluetooth driver has issues on Windows 10. The best thing about it is that it can easily fix driver problems.

  • You need to scan the hardware and devices to check the driver problems.
  • Update to the latest Bluetooth driver for Windows 10.
  • Download and install the most compatible driver in Windows 10.

That’s done! Hopefully, these tricks help you resolve the problem. Do let us know if these tips have worked out for you.