Best Xbox One Controller Skins: For Best Protection, Grip, and Enjoyment

These best Xbox One controller skins will give your controller an ultimate protection and will also give you best grip with utmost enjoyment.

To get the maximum enjoyment of Xbox One games one needs to have the best wired or wireless controllers made for that superb gaming console. But to protect these gadgets you need the best Xbox One controller skins which can not only protect them from dirt and dust but also from occasional drops and bumps as well. We are furnishing some of those controller skins which will do just that and they will only add a great look to your controller.

Over here we have taken care of material and also the price so that you can have a great choice in hand while picking up your own controller skin. So for the best protection, grip and enjoyment trust these controller skins made exclusively for Xbox One controllers.

Best Xbox One Controller Skins

10 Xbox One Controller skins


SKINOWN Xbox One Controller Skin

This skin for Xbox One is made from a top quality material which is light weight because it is thin. These two qualities don’t compromise with durability at all and it also protects your controller against any dirt and dust with ease. It is extremely easy to install and remove this skin and it doesn’t leave any residue when you remove it. The company gives 30 days money back guaranty and it won’t ask you for any reason.

Price: $7.99
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#2. SlickBlue

SlickBlue Xbox One Controller Skin

The material used in this decal skin for Xbox is silicon which will minimize the sweat and will give you a soft feeling while you handle it. When it comes to handling you certainly need a better grip so that you can play your games with total enjoyment and this skin certainly provides you that. The cuts are so precise that it will fix with your controller in such a way that you can use all its functions without any problem.

Price: $11.99
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#3. UUShop

UUShop Xbox One Controller Skin

The manufacturer is known to give professionally made products and this one is no different either. The high-quality material used in this skin will not allow any scratch on your controller and its color won’t fade at all. This long lasting skin for your Xbox controller is easy to paste and remove and won’t leave any residue behind after the removal.

Price: $6.99
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#4. MightySkins

MightySkins Xbox One Controller Skin

This is one of those rare Xbox controller cases which is made from a durable laminate sheet. Because of the nature of laminate, it will not allow any scratch or dirt and even dust on your controller. What’s more? The company also guarantees that there won’t be any sticky mess left on the skin at each time. The color used in this controller is also vivid and attractive and fits the mood as well.

Price: $9.96
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#5. GameXcel

GameXcel Xbox One Controller Skin

This controller skin is made from the highest quality material and having an anti-slip grip so that you get the maximum enjoyment while handling it. The finishing is having leather texture so that makes the colors looking more attractive. There will not be residue left when you remove it and will also not allow any scratch on it. Due to UV resistance the colors won’t fade and it will not even peel.

Price: $6.96
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#6. 247Skins

247Skins Xbox One Controller Skin

This decal skin for Xbox is made from Vinyl which is anti-slip and thus you can get a perfect grip while you enjoy one of your most favorite games on this amazing gaming console. The UV resistant material used in this skin will not fade and nor it will allow any peeling so you won’t have to worry about the looks of your controller skin. The cuts are so precise that you can get access to all the buttons with ease always.

Price: $7.86
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#7. Super Target 1

Super Target 1 Xbox One Controller Skin

You will not get one but 6 different colored skins for the price of one with this package. These Xbox controller cases are made from new generic silicon skin which means that it will be very easy to install and remove and will always give you that smooth feeling when you are playing your favorite games. The material is also protective so your controller will always remain safe.

Price: $9.99
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#8. Generic

Generic Xbox One Controller Skin

To get the ultimate and maximum protection for your Xbox One controller try out this skin from Generic which is made from a high-grade material. The design is made especially for Xbox One controller only so you will get easy access to all the buttons. There are two dotted pattern grips and also two diamond pattern grips for thumbs designed so the control would be awesome with this skin.

Price: $6.36
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#9. WSD

WSD Xbox One Controller Skin

This skin is not made from rubber or it isn’t hard at all. It is a vinyl skin which is the highest quality material. The color of this skin is very vivid and it is also equipped with an anti-slip grip. The cuts are made precisely for Xbox One controller so you can rely on it for an easy access to all the buttons. Besides that, it is very easy to install and remove this skin and it will leave no residue behind.

Price: $7.86
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#10. Leadingstar

Leadingstar Xbox One Controller Skin

Apart from protection, this skin made exclusively for Xbox One controller will also give you the added comfort when you need the best control over your gaming. There are two dotted patterns for extremely great grip and two diamond patterns for the better use of buttons. The material used in this skin will always protect your controller from bumps and scraps along with scratch, dirt, and dust.

Price: $5.32
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You can rest assured that if you decide to buy any of these best Xbox One controller skins it will not let you down at all. All these skins are made from highly rated material and they are precisely cut for your controller. So if you have purchased one of these skins do let us know about your experience here in comments or on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.