When I bought a new MacBook Pro, I was using the wired mouse to work on my Mac. But when I saw my friend was having a great time with the wireless mouse. So I decided to move to the wireless mouse. That was my best choice because now I am having a tangle-free ride. Well, while hunting for the finest Bluetooth mouse, I have found these best wireless mouse for MacBook Pro/Air from the trusted brands.

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Honestly speaking, these Wireless Mouse are quicker, easier, efficient, and comfortable while using. Since they have a good Bluetooth connection, you can easily connect it to your MacBook Pro and Air. So, you do not need to worry about the cable and ports anymore. All these mice are made of high-quality material, so you do not worry about protection as well. Let’s have a look at these best Wireless Mouse for MacBook Pro and Air.
Best Wireless Mouse for MacBook Pro and Air

Best Wireless Mouse for MacBook Pro/Air

#1. Bluecell

A total white bodied optical wireless USB mouse from Bluecell is incredibly great looking, and that will match the looks your MacBook Pro or Air possess. This mouse is powered by one AA size battery, and it connects your MacBook via a USB receiver.

Bluecell Wireless Mouse for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • The slim and sleek design makes this wireless mouse perfect for both home and office use.
  • The inbuilt optical tracking technology allows the mouse to work on many different surfaces.
  • Nano receiver is small enough to plug in once and leave connected.

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#2. Top Case

When you see this wireless mouse from TOP CASE, the only word can come out from you is ‘wow!’ This mouse is available in nine different and vibrant colors, which will certainly steal your heart. The 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission allows you to operate from a distance up to 10 meters.

TOP-CASE Wireless Mouse for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • Adjust the speed of the cursor according to your needs between 800 dpi and 1600 dpi.
  • There is an inbuilt memory mouse so there will be no recording needed after the battery replacement.
  • If you are a right-hander, then the ergonomic design of this mouse is just for you.
  • The mouse comes with on AA alkaline battery which can last for at least six months if the mouse used in normal circumstances.

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#3. Logitech Trackball Wireless Mouse

The looks of this mouse may look odd, but it has some amazing inbuilt features which will give you an entirely different user experience. This sculpted shape will support your hand and will always stay in one place so you can move the cursor without moving your arm at all.

Logitech Wireless Mouse for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • The same cursor is smooth and precise, and the trackball is easy to use either at home, office or even when you are sitting on a couch.
  • There is a tiny wireless receiver which you will get with this mouse, and it can connect up to six different compatible devices.
  • Get 18 months life AA battery without charging again and again.
  • Apart from MacBook or PC, you can use this mouse wirelessly for your home theater PC as well.
  • The best part of this mouse is that it can remain connected up to a good 30 ft distance.

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#4. IDS

Just look at this slim and sleek wireless USB mouse from IDS. With the amazingly shining white color, this mouse can be the best pair of your MacBook Pro and Air.

The design of this wireless mouse is such that it will consume very less space on your desk and hence it is perfect for your daily usage.

IDS Wireless Mouse for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • You can even use this wireless for your home as it can fit for any working condition.
  • Because it is wireless and designed in such a way, it is easily movable as well.
  • Apart from MacBook Pro or Air, this mouse is compatible with many other desktop or laptops.
  • The inbuilt optical tracking technology allows this mouse to work on any surface with ease.

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#5. Apple

If you want to buy the best Bluetooth mouse for MacBook Pro and Air, then you got to trust a product offered by Apple.

Since you are using MacBook Pro or Air which are Apple products, by all means, why not go for a wireless mouse which is also an Apple product as well? Yes, just like any other Apple device, this piece also has a high price, but then the Apple trust attached to it should convince you to buy it.

Apple Wireless Mouse for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • The design of this wireless mouse is simple, and that will give you an improved experience.
  • The battery provided with this wireless mouse is rechargeable and can last over a month with a single charge that will add more convenience to you.
  • Just brush with a finger and you can quickly swipe between web pages and can also scroll through documents as the surface too allows multi-touch.
  • The foot-like design allows this wireless mouse from Apple to move quickly on any surface.
  • The mouse pairs easily with your MacBook Pro and Air and you don’t need to go through any process.

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#6. Cosmos

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The Cosmos wireless mouse for your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air has some great silent features which will make you think about buying it.

The design and color of this wireless mouse are as good as you can get in the market, but what makes is better than many are some of its features.

Cosmos Wireless Mouse for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • Cosmos is providing a 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission with 800 dpi/1600 dpi, which means that this mouse is sensitive enough.
  • You can operate this wireless mouse up to 10 meters which considered to be perfect.
  • The cursor speed can be adjusted at will and without harming the overall function of the mouse.
  • There is no recording neededforr the battery replacement.
  • Battery provided with this mouse can last for at least six months.
  • The design of this mouse is ideal for right-handed people.
  • Wireless mouse will go into the sleep mode automatically if not used for a long time.
  • Just press the right or left button and it will wake up.

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#7. Tecknet

Presenting one of the most versatile wireless Bluetooth mouse for your MacBook Pro and Air which is from TECKNET. For all those professionals the looks of this mouse are just perfect and not only that you can choose from five different colors like black, gray, blue, purple and red. Let’s check some of the exciting features of this wireless mouse.

TECKNET Wireless Mouse for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • Just plug the nano receiver which is there at the back of the mouse to your MacBook Pro and Air and then forget it.
  • There are three adjustable DPI levels which are 2400, 1600 and 1000 and that means it is better than the best, so just choose your preferred cursor speed.
  • The smart auto sleep mode saves a lot of your battery life for sure.
  • The Tru-Wave technology attached can provide fantastic cursor control over any surface.
  • Once paired there is no need to pair the mouse again even after the loss of signal or a shutdown, as it has the TeckNet Co-Link technology.
  • You can operate this mouse from a significant distance of 15 meters.
  • The contoured shape with soft rubber provides all-day comfort grip.
  • Get up to 24 months battery life with a battery level indicator.
  • The sleek design is perfect for comfortable use for any professional or even for home use.

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#8. Dland

If you are a speed lovers, then take a look at this wireless mouse which has an ultra-fast speed. Apart from the speed the company also guarantees secure and precise usage as you can operate this mouse from the distance of 10 meters.

Dland Wireless Mouse for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • Its ergonomic external and internal design provides ultimate gaming experience and long-term use without weakness.
  • With its 250 Hz response rate, you can get the best response with zero delays and no jump during fierce gaming and work.
  • The buttons of this mouse are very quiet and will provide very little noise when you click them.
  • Easy to use at any place like office, library, dormitories, Internet café or even at home.
  • It is fast forward or backward while browsing the web or searching a folder.
  • Well, its chip memory function cans storage the latest setting status.

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#9. Wonfast

WONFAST optical wireless USB mice are extremely slim, and it comes with a mini receiver for Apple MacBook Pro and Air. This 2.4GHz wireless mouse is perfect for both home, and office use and the looks of it will only increase the value of your desk.

WONFAST Wireless Mouse for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • The installation of the mouse is very comfortable just as plug and play.
  • This mouse is universal, you can use it with any other laptop or desktop computers along with your MacBooks.
  • The optical tracking system, which is inbuilt allows smooth working on any surface.
  • DPI switch enables adjustable sensitivity of this mouse.
  • You can use two AA batteries, and the low battery indicator will help when the battery is getting low on juice.
  • This mouse works within a range of 10 meters maximum.

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#10. Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse

This is the second product we are giving you from known brand Logitech. If power saving from your wireless mouse is your aim, then you should buy this product as it uses less than a half the power which the other wireless mouse utilized in the same bracket.

Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • The design of this mouse is such that you can move the cursor quickly without even moving your arm.
  • You will also get a tiny Logitech Unifying receiver which you just need to fix on your MacBook, and that’s it!
  • The scrolling is hyper-fast with this mouse, and that lets you fly through long documents and web pages.
  • Get the smoother, responsive and precise cursor movements from this mouse.
  • The inbuilt technical help will allow you to use this wireless mouse on any surface without any problem at all.

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We made sure that these suggestions to buy the best Bluetooth mouse for MacBook Pro and Air increase the value and the enjoyment of using your notebook. If you are using the MacBook Pro, then the enjoyment can only be double as you must be thrilled by using the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar which allows you to do some awesome things with that OLED panel.


Hope, you liked our efforts on finding some of the best wireless Mouse for MacBook Pro and Air. We would love to get your feedback on this feature on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments section. So do drop in again once you select your wireless mouse from the above list.