There is a question, is WhatsApp a most popular messaging service with more than 1.3 billion monthly active users? Probably the answer is yes, but do we have to depend on WhatsApp only? Or is there no any other app, alternatives to WhatsApp that we can use?

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Well, In this post, we will suggest you some of WhatsApp messenger alternatives, which are end-to-end encrypted and also allows voice and video calls via the Internet. Without any further ado, let’s check out the 10 best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android and iPhone right now.

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android and iPhone

10 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp for Android and iPhone

#1. Viber

Viber for iPhone and AndroidYou will find plenty of similarities between WhatsApp and Viber as Viber to uses your address book numbers to connect with them. Once you download the app, you will get the access code via text message and once you fill that access code in the appropriate space. After this process is over, you can easily get in touch with the contacts in your address book who are also on Viber. Previously Viber was the only source for the internet calling but ever since the same feature is available on WhatsApp the shine of Viber is lesser than what it was.

Viber is the best alternative to WhatsApp

Price: Free
Download Viber for Android | Download Viber for iPhone

#2. Telegram

Telegram Messenger for iPhone and AndroidIf any messaging app comes near to WhatsApp is probably Telegram. Telegram is heavily loaded with some of the cool features and packs. We are still waiting for the self-destructive message feature on WhatsApp, but Telegram already has it. Apart from this you can share a whopping 1.5 GB file without any sweat and can also add 5000 people in a group. Create public channels, usernames, and also private chat with an end to end encryption. Sometimes one wonders with so many extraordinary features why Telegram is still lagging behind WhatsApp? As Telegram can be the best alternative to WhatsApp.

Price: Free
Download Telegram for Android | Download Telegram for iPhone

#3. LINE

LINE for iPhone and AndroidThis is an ever-growing alternative for WhatsApp is LINE. LINE is present in over 232 countries across the world and is having over 300 million users as well. This app also uses your phone book to get in connection with your friends. To make a call, you just need an internet connection and make sure that your friend too has a LINE app. Also, you can use all its features from PC and Mac also, and for that, you need to get registered with LINE via an email. What’s more, LINE is free for both Android and iPhone.

Price: Free
Download LINE for Android | Download LINE for iPhone

#4. Kakao Talk Messenger

KakaoTalk for iPhone and AndroidThis app also works like WhatsApp and best alternative too. It too needs a 4-digit verification code to activate and once that process is the app will automatically add all Kakao users you have in your phone book. With this app, you can create chat groups, send pictures and also audio notes just like you do on WhatsApp. The feature which makes this app different than WhatsApp is that over here you can even share calendar information with your contacts too. Of course, you can make calls via Kakao Talk Messenger.

Price: Free
Download Kakao app for Android | Download Kakao app for iPhone

#5. Wire

Wire Messenger for iPhone and AndroidIf you are looking for a messenger which is having a beautiful interface, then you should check Wire. Along with the interface, this messenger has some unique features as well. This app is relatively new, but it is already making some noise and making its presence as an alternative for WhatsApp. This app is an open-source app, so it has end-to-end encryption to everything you send. Not only this you can use this app on multiple platforms simultaneously. You can do a group video calling for ten people, and there is a self-destructing message feature, and also one can delete message even if they are delivered to the recipient. Probably one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp is Wire.

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Price: Free
Download Wire for Android | Download Wire for iPhone

#6. Skype

Skype for iPhone and AndroidSkype is also known for being one of the best Android apps for entrepreneurs, but it can still be one of the best alternatives for WhatsApp as well. This app is now merged with MSN or Hotmail so that you can even connect with those people directly who are still using those emails. Skype does provide text messaging, but it is better or best known for its ultimate video call quality. The unique thing about Skype is that it doesn’t use your mobile contacts, it gives you your unique ID and password, and then you can use it very easily. If you have got a good internet and WiFi connection, then Skype can be a big advantage for you.

Price: Free
Download Skype for Android | Download Skype for iPhone

#7. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger for iPhone and AndroidWhat can better alternative to WhatsApp be than our very own Facebook Messenger? By taking a long-term vision in mind a year or so back Facebook forced its users to download a standalone app for the messengers. Now you can’t view messages on Facebook app, and hence the Facebook Messenger is becoming one viable alternative to WhatsApp. You can call, video call, send stickers, GIF and can have great fun with it.

Price: Free
Download Messenger for Android | Download Messenger for iPhone

#8. Google Allo

Google Allo for iPhone and AndroidGoogle Allo came with a bang of having a Google Assistant helping the users with so many things was to reason for the instant attraction. At one stage it was looking that Google Allo will sweep the users, but somehow it failed to maintain its initial momentum. Apart from chatting and video calling you can get the latest information on sports, weather, flights and anything which you want to get. Other than those features, you can also play games on Google Allo. For safe chat, there is Incognito feature with an end to end encryption and self-destructing messages.

Price: Free
Download Google Allo for Android | Download Google Allo for iPhone

#9. Google Hangouts

Hangouts for iPhone and AndroidGoogle Hangouts app comes with a default app on Android smartphones. Despite Google has big reach somehow Google Hangouts is not one of the most preferred chat messengers for many and can be the alternative to WhatsApp shortly. Despite being neglected, Google Hangouts can still be a good alternative to WhatsApp if you wish to do simple chatting and sometimes voice or video call. It is simple messaging app without any show-off.

Price: Free
Download Hangouts for Android | Download Hangouts for iPhone

#10. GroupMe

GroupMe for iPhone and AndroidThis app can be a good alternative to the WhatsApp only for those people who want to chat with a group. You can register with GroupMe by providing your email address. After that, you need to verify your number by sending an SMS with the verification code. The unique thing about this app is that it also supports offline messaging, so if your group member is out of the internet connection he or she can remain in connecting by sending SMS into the group. If you are living in the USA, then you need to note that each message sent or receive will attract a small fee.

Price: Free
Download GroupMe for Android | Download GroupMe for iPhone

Final words

So, if you were looking for something new than what WhatsApp offers, then your search must ends here with these best WhatsApp alternatives. Which one caught your attention? Have any other WhatsApp like an app on your mind? Don’t hesitate to tell us here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.