Google developed Google Cardboard to encourage amongst its users a Virtually Real experience using this head mounting device. Another motive of Google was to promote this system as a low-cost alternative in order to encourage interest amongst users in this technology.

This state of the art technology in the least possible cost is a boon for all those gaming fanatics who crave for a delightful and satisfying experience. They will help you launch your favorite VR experiences and are a true delight to your senses. You can set up the Cardboard viewer or fly or discover places via Google Earth.

Best VR and Google Cardboard Android Apps

On its, part Google plans to expand VR or Virtual Real technology, in forthcoming days.

We have prepared a list of best VR and Google Cardboard apps for Android which will magnify and intensify your VR experience on all modes of entertainment.

Best VR and CardBoard Android Apps and Games

#1. BombSquad VR

BombSquad VR Android AppBombsquad is an amazing arcade VR game, in which the user is a member of a bomb squad who is on a mission to diffuse bombs by avoiding them and in the due course collect flags as bonuses. Your squad can be as large as 8, with each member competitively moving forward with the levels.

Price: $2.99
Download Bombsquad

#2. Sundance VR

Sundance VR Android AppAs the app claims, Sundance VR is made up by compiling hundreds of submissions. This is an official app of New Frontier at Sundance Film Festival. The video collection offers an amazing and totally immersive real- life experience since they go handy with VR software.

This app is a successful example to show us all that cinematography and storytelling can be taken to unprecedented heights using VR. Though currently Sundance VR has a limited collection but with time, it will showcase a pretty expansive collection, and would rise to be an app for every Smartphone user.

Price: Free
Download Sundance VR

#3. Caaaaardboard

Caaaaardboard! Android AppCaaaaardboard, as the name suggests, is a VR game which works well using Google Cardboard. This game is on the list because of its ultimate graphics and penultimate motions. Further the experience of using this app is immersive; you would not want to keep away from your phone. Such is its impact!

This hands-free game has motion sensors, so as you tilt the phone to the right you move to the right and so on. You leap, you fall, you climb and you shoot, while performing stunts in the game.

Price: $1.99
Download Caaaaardboard

#4. Hardcode

Hardcode (VR Game) Android AppHardcode is a generic game in its basic theme, but it is much more with a VR touch to it. In the game, you hit hard all the bad characters and thus battle to win. But by using a VR headset and game controller pad, which is required, you are delivered an experience which is equivalent to a real life battle.

Definitely, an out of box experience enables you to play with your friends who are miles apart, at the same time.

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Download Hardcode

#5. End Space VR

End Space VR for Cardboard Android AppEnd Space is a VR Spaceship game where you ride a spaceship and shoot all the obstructers in other spaceships, with a bang. The experience of shooting gives an adrenaline rush because the app is VR enabled. If you are already using Google Cardboard, you would not need to know why.

And if you haven’t used it, buy it now. Your gaming experience is bound to enrich. The game is one of the top VR games and it is worth the cost!

Price: $1.09
Download Endspace VR

#6. FullDive VR

Fulldive VR - Virtual Reality Android AppsIf we make a bucket list of must-haves for our cell phones, FullDive has to feature in it. One of the best apps and probably the best VR app, Fulldive is a haven for all those who want to relish their each and every experience. Made like a directory, the app has all VR content in it from videos, podcasts, photo gallery to almost everything. Fulldive covers it all.

It shows YouTube videos both VR and 360- degree and has VR video player and VR camera and also a separate block where you will find all your VR apps. Basically, it’s a one spot destination. Moreover, the app is absolutely free and worth the shot.

Price: Free
Download Fulldive

#7. Insidious VR

Insidious VR Android AppWe all have watched almost all the parts of the film Insidious. The makers of the film decided to take the movie’s experience further and launched a full-fledged gaming app for the ‘Insidious’ fan group. Not just another VR app, Insidious App is much more than that. The experience is far more intense and thrilling.

Once you download the app, you will be guided about it using a video tour, this tour will speak without words about the app.

One of the gems created using VR technology, Insidious is an asset to your phone

Price: Free
Download Insidious

#8. Vrse

Vrse VR (Virtual Reality) Android AppIndefinite, ever expanding landscapes, better than real animations and sensitive graphics, Vrse is a beautiful app experience. This app is a story telling medium especially for young bloomers and their mothers in order to enrich the kid’s imagination and visual experience.

You can use it to narrate the story of Helen of Troy or the exotic tale of Aladdin, Vrse is powered with it all. And, the cherry on the top is that the app is totally free.

Price: Free
Download Vrse

#9. YouTube

YouTube Android AppAlthough YouTube is present in every user’s Smartphone for uncountable reasons, but with people who possess Google Cardboard, YouTube is a must!

Nowadays, YouTube has started adding videos that go hand in hand with VR system so that you can use YouTube with a VR headset/ Cardboard. In fact, you can watch VR videos even without a VR device.

Google, in future, would definitely expand its share in VR field, do keep yourself updated with the best of technology.

Price: Free
Download YouTube

#10. Chair in a room

Chair In A Room Android AppThis horror gaming app is one of the best apps for a deadly enthralling HD like experience for all the fanatics who want more than Amnesia and Outlast. Obviously used with lenses, to make the experience better, Chair in a room is a better than early VR apps like car racing, space ship games, etcetera.

Why? This is because the app does not make you feel at home. You are at your uncomfortable best with those flashy unreliable flashlights or the ever-frightening sound effects. This app is not just an app but an experience.

Price: Free
Download Chair in a room

The above-listed Best VR and Google Cardboard Android apps are the gateways into the realm of virtual reality and unmatchable gaming experience for the users. These are highly addictive and they sure are the next big thing in terms of entertainment or should we say escaping the reality.

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