The Virtual Private Networks or VPN as they are popularly known, are much more than just wires to connect employees sitting in remote areas to the central offices. Whenever people here about VPN they feel that they have heard something fishy, but believe me VPN are much more helpful tools than just doing fishy things. VPNs are secure and physical networks.

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The basic method to use VPN is that web computers are linked together to share files or other important resources. The best part of VPNs these days is that the major part of it is encrypted. This only means that your computers, other devices, and networks which are connected with them are more secured.

Best VPN for Mac and Windows PC

Best VPN for Mac and Windows are Here, Choose the One for Yourself

Because VPNs these days are secured for both Mac and Windows, we have brought five of the best VPNs around for both the operating system. Just go through the list and choose which suits your needs.

5 Best VPNs for Mac and Windows PC

#1. ExpressVPN for Mac and Windows PC


ExpressVPN is ready to get accessed in 78 different countries. It provides 256 SSL encryption. It is an ‘Open VPN’ which gives you highest level (industry level) protection. For you are looking for a safety then ExpressVPN will be the best choice because it guarantees you a zero-log policy and also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like its services.

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#2. Buffered VPN for Mac

Buffered VPN

This is a Hungary based VPN and it has some of the interesting features like DNS leak protection and open port detection which might let you take a note of it. It is told that Buffered’s servers are one of the fastest in the world and at the same time extremely easy to use. Buffered allows 5 different systems to connect with it against one to two for other VPNs.

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#3. Nord VPN for Mac and Windows PC


Nord is one of the known names in VPNs. It isn’t as fast as the other VPNs we are advising here today, but it has lot many other benefits. These benefits are access from 47 countries, P2P support, dedicated streaming services and also no log policy. If you wish you can get the benefit of their 30-day money back guarantee and later can discontinue if you don’t like.

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#4. SaferVPN for Mac


SaferVPN has limited access as it is available in just 24 countries. It offers P2P support on NL server. There will not be usage logs but you will get logging for internal use. SaferVPN too offers 30 days money back guarantee.

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#5. SpotFluxVPN For Mac

Spotflux Free VPN

SpotFluxVPN goes one notch beyond the other VPNs as it provides ads block and also a limited malware protection as well. This tool is also capable of filtering out phishing sites. This is not a specialized server but believes us they are ultra-quick than many you will find across.

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#6. IPVanish for Windows PC


This is one of the best VPNs for Windows because it keeps all the Windows system secure. It has an amazing connection speed and it is available in 6 countries. Plus IPVanish accepts Bitcoin which will provide you an extra layer of anonymity. DynDNS support will make your connection extra safe. Only one blemish is that it allows only two simultaneous connections. Although IPVanish is safe from malware but we believe you should get your own malware removal tools to feel extremely free.

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#7. VyprVPN for Windows PC


VyprVPN is part of the Goldenfrog which is a huge internet group. VyprVPN has its own infrastructure and servers so you will always get a great speed when connected. It is available in 60 countries and it provides you all you need. It is Windows only VPN because it has dedicated software for Windows and runs on preferred protocol OpenVPN. The basic package is not that secure so go for a higher one which is advisable.

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#8. VPNArea for Windows PC


This VPN is featured last in this list but that certainly doesn’t mean that it is not worth looking at. It is based in Bulgaria and has zero logs which are an excellent feature to have for a VPN. It also has encryption and it has its own servers located in 50 different countries. This VPN allows connecting 5 different devices at the same time. The customer care is outstanding and you may try its 7-day trial package.

Visit VPNArea


As you may see whether you have Mac or Windows, you go enough number of choices to select VPN for your OS. There are many VPNs in this list who provide your trial pack from one week to a month. So, why not try one and then share your experience on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or over here in the comments section.