Just recording your voice and sharing it with your friends is the thing of past now. The latest trend is to record your voice and then change it with different filters and then share it with your friends to surprise them. This may be the ‘in thing’ for the new generation, but the problem is that good voice changer apps are really rare to find on Google Play. Isn’t it an irony that when you have a smartphone in your hand which can do anything at your fingertips and yet you can’t do a small thing like changing your voice on your recorded voice?

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The situation is not that worrisome as it looks as there are few hardworking developers who have to develop good voice changing apps and they are available on Android platform as well. There are certain things you need to decide before you go for a voice changing app. First and foremost question is that are you looking for just a simple old voice recorder? Or you want to create a different voice by using a voice changing app and then share it with your friends. If the first option is your choice, then inbuilt voice recording app on your Android phone should do enough to serve your purpose. But if you want to change your voice by using interesting filters, then choose it from the five of the best options we are going to present now.

Best Voice Changer Apps for Android

5 Best Android Voice Changer Apps

#1. Best Voice Changer

Best Voice Changer Android AppWell, don’t go by the name of the app because it is really not the best voice changer app you would want to have in your Android mobile, but yes it is best voice changer app within the options we have in front of us. The Best Voice Changer app has some of the most interesting voice filters and those voice filters include some of the most popular ones as well. What makes this app best among the rest is that it can allow you to filter already recorded audio along with the fresh one which you want to record, the choice is yours. Compared to many apps available currently, the interface of this app is relatively antique but the most important part of it is, that it allows your stuff to be done easily. What’s more, it is free!

Download Best Voice Charger

#2. Voice Changer App by Androbaby

Voice Changer Android AppThis voice changer app from Androbaby is one of the oldest voice changing apps available on Google Play but it is still better than many of such apps on the similar platform. This app uses the fmod sound engine which helps the overall work of the app look good and give you the result you want to have. Androbaby voice changer app can give you two dozen voice filters and among these, there are popular filters like Helium, Chipmunk and few others can also be found. The best and unique feature of this app is that it lets what you have recorded backward. Also, this app can offer you old radio and old school like sound effects, which are worth trying for sure.

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Download Voice Changer App by Androbaby

#3. Voice Changer for Kids

Voice changer for kids Android AppLet us tell you one thing that this app’s name can be bit misleading. Although this app is designed to pleasure the kids but actually it can be used and enjoyed by anyone, so don’t feel that an adult can’t use it at all. This voice changer app has most of the popular filters and voice effects which you can normally find in other such apps as well. Voice changer app for kids is one of those rare apps which use the Material Design. As we said above that anybody can use this app so just go and check it out.

Download Voice Changer for Kids

#4. RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro Android AppAmong all those paid voice changer apps, RoboVox Voice Changer Pro is probably the best one and it is really having a worth to purchase it. What is the most telling feature of this app is that it comes with 32 effects which can offer to change your voice in that many ways as well! It also has some of the most popular voice effects like Darth Vader, Helium, Chipmuk and others. Some of the worth trying effects available here are Cylon, HAL and Dalek, which will be loved by all those science fiction fans. The modification of modulation and pitch is another good feature in this app and it comes with even different modes as well.

Download RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

#5. Voice Changer by e3games

Voice Changer by e3games Android appLike Voice Changer by Androbaby app; this app also uses the fmod sound engine and it works pretty well too. This is not the only similarity between these two apps, voice changer by e3games also has almost the same effects as well. The only and the real reason why we choose this app for your despite offering Androbaby app, because it has a beautiful yellow color background which Andrbaby wasn’t having. It works well too but minds you it isn’t original thought at all. So the ultimate choice will be yours whether to pick Androbaby or this, e3games.

Download Voice Changer by e3games

Signing Off

These are probably the best set of the Voice Changing Apps available for Android phones as the choice is very limited. One can only hope that in future there will be more choice for such apps which has even better features than the apps we have furnished here. We have taken ample care to give you both paid and free apps and also the apps which have best filters as well, despite having limited choice on offer.

Do let us know which app is more helpful to you in the comment section, we would love to know your opinions.

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