We used to do texting only a few years back. Then we got different chat messengers. But nothing can beat the video chatting experience. Nowadays there are many video chat apps available in both Google Play and iTunes but for a live chat experience, you need the best video chat apps for Android and iPhone. Video chatting is not only the present, but it is also the future of communication. Not even professionals but even personally too, people like to see each other Live while chatting.

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By keeping in mind the fact, that video calling is the future world’s largest chat app WhatsApp has recently started the video calling feature. So it is up to you that you should not be left alone and that is why if you too want to remain in touch with this futuristic trend then know about some of the most exciting video calling chat apps available right now for both the Android phones and iPhone. These apps are easy to download and simple to use.

Best Video Chat Apps for iPhone and Android

Best Free Video Chat Apps for iPhone and Android

#1. Skype

Skype App for iPhone and AndroidIf we say that Skype is the pioneer of video calling or video chatting apps then we are not wrong. Even at the time of slow internet connections, Skype was able to deliver near satisfactory results. Since then it has over 700 million registered users and it is compatible, not alone with the smartphones but also with desktops as well. The instant messaging is also there but what steal the show for Skype is its VoIP calls and that too for free. If you are aware of some simple Skype tricks, Skype is extremely easy to use as well. Apart from personal users many professionals too, even today prefer Skype for their online meeting than any other app. We even see news channels using Skype for a direct and live interview as well. So for simplicity and no complexity in video chatting, Skype is the best app.

Download Skype for Android | Download Skype for iPhone

#2. Facebook Messenger

Messenger App for iPhone and AndroidThis is one of the most available and easy to use video chat apps you will find. Because Facebook has made it mandatory to have the messenger app to all the users who uses the main app, the chances are far lesser to have your Facebook friend not available on this Android and iPhone video chat app. The usage is also simple. All you need to do is to open your Facebook messenger chat app and tap on the friend’s window you want to do a video chatting with and then tap on the video calling icon on the top right corner and the video calling will start immediately. By this, you can always remain in touch with your Facebook friends only. Remember this app is limited to Facebook members and you can’t call beyond your list in many countries.

Download Messenger App for Android | Download Messenger for iPhone

#3. ooVoo

ooVoo App for iPhone and AndroidThose who are frequently using their Facebook Messenger app will certainly fall in love with ooVoo. ooVoo allows the contact in your phone diary to chat directly but it also adds your Facebook friends list also. So you can chat with your non-Facebook friends and contacts also with ooVoo. Only thing is that normal voice calling and chatting is free on ooVoo but video calling needs some minimal payment. The best part of ooVoo is that you can chat with your friends individually and also you can chat with 12 people at the same time. Outside ooVoo calling is also possible provided you pay something with better voice quality.

Download ooVoo for Android | Download ooVoo for iPhone

#4. Google Hangouts

Hangouts App for iPhone and AndroidJust like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts is also one of the popular chat messengers around for a longer period of time. Previously it was called Gtalk and now it has been upgraded to Hangouts. Those with Google accounts can use Hangouts on their smartphones directly. Somehow just like Google Plus is less preferred social media platform, Google Hangouts are also less preferred chat messengers among the rest. But Hangouts too can felicitate with great video chat feature. Just like Facebook Messenger over here too, apart from free voice calls on Hangouts, you can go directly to the contact’s window with whom you want to chat and tap on video calling icon and the video chat will be on. So if you have a Google Hangouts app downloaded on your phone and it is sitting idle then why not start using it right now for a long video chat with a friend who is out of touch for a while?

Download Hangouts for Android | Download Hangouts for iPhone

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#5. Tango

Tango App for iPhone and AndroidFor those who want the simplest possible video chat app then Tango is the best answer for you. Tango although allows video chatting between its members only. To get the Tango membership all you need to do is just to provide your phone number, email address, and your first name! Apart from simple chatting, calling, and video chat, Tango allows you to chat with 50 members at one time in a group chat. You can even customize your social media profile via Tango. With so many features built in one single app, Tango certainly is different than rest of the video chat apps we are offering here.

Download Tango for Android | Download Tango for iPhone

#6. WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger App for iPhone and AndroidProbably the most popular chat messenger till date but still WhatsApp is late in entering in iPhone and Android video chat app market. As we all know that WhatsApp is a free app and it has been acquired by Facebook. Just recently WhatsApp has started the video calling or video chatting feature which was long overdue as per the fans of WhatsApp. Just like its other easy and extremely user-friendly features doing a video chat on WhatsApp is also easy. All you need to do is to open the window of the contact you want to do the video chat with and tap on the Phone icon at the top of your window. You will be asked to do a voice call or a video call by tapping on video call it will be applied in seconds.

Download WhatsApp for Android | Download WhatsApp for iPhone

#7. Viber

Viber Messenger App for iPhone and AndroidAfter Skype, it is Viber which is the long-standing video chat app around. Although Viber can allow you to chat on video with its registered members only, but still you can have one of the best video chatting experience for sure. Viber was first come to light for its audio calling and for its funny and interesting stickers. These two features are still there to lure you. You can even sync this app with your contact list so just in case if you don’t want to do the normal calling you can do Viber. Apart from these features, you can have a simultaneous group chat with 40 people on Viber.

Download Viber for Android | Download Viber for iPhone

#8. Camfrog

Camfrog App for iPhone and AndroidWhat makes Camfrog different than any other video chat apps with the rest is that it allows you to connect with strangers. Just like previously we used to have Yahoo! Chat rooms Camfrog too has various chat rooms for different interests as well. The negative part of this app is that there are lot many adult rooms available than the normal ones so if this part is fine with you and you want to meet strangers then Camfrog is the best thing happened to you. You can even play video games and send virtual gifts, earning virtual points to buy those gifts and lot many other things apart from chatting and calling.

Download Camfrog for Android | Download Camfrog for iPhone

#9. Fring

fring App for AndroidFring offers you almost the same what you are getting from the other video chatting apps. It can allow you to do group video callings, instant messaging and also sending picture messages. What makes Fring different than the others is that you can pay 1.2 cents per minute for a call and not only that Fring also offers you cheaper rates for calling. All you need to create an account and you will get its services on various platforms like smartphone app etc. If you are ready to pay for some quality video chats and calling then you should go for Fring.

Download Fring for Android

#10. FaceTime

FaceTime App for iPhoneThis is an inbuilt video chat app for Apple phones. It has become extremely popular among all the iOS users. Users across the iOS platform like iPhones and Mac can use this app. FaceTime has a simple interface and it allows you a quick video chatting by using your network connection or by Wi-Fi. Like many other video chat apps FaceTime doesn’t offer you plenty of features but once you are done with its advanced setups you can experience one of the best video chat experience.

Download FaceTime for iPhone


Hope you have liked our collection of the best video chat apps for Android and iPhone. We have taken care that most of the apps are available on both the platforms. Do let us know which app attracted you the most and which one you used for your first video chat call? We are waiting for your feedback on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and also here in the comments section.