Nowadays, most of the smartphones are coming with the USB Type-C charging port and no headphone jack. Hence, people adopted the new trend of using Bluetooth headphones. But the problem arrives when that Bluetooth headset run out of battery life or it is bulky or high in a price. Therefore, we have come with some best USB Type C headphones for Android Phones or Tablets.

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We are going to concentrate on best Type-C headphones or earphones which has premium design and quality. They are all safe enough to keep your ears stress-free and comfortable. A standard headphone comes with around 16-bit of 44 kHz stereo sound. But USB Type-C headphone featured 24-bit and 96 kHz stereo sound quality. Hence, these USB Type-C headphones are the great options for your Android devices.

Best USB Type C Headphones

Best USB Type-C Headphones or Earphones

#1. Sunwe

Here come the first USB Type-C Headphones with the attractive design and with the guaranteed supreme sound quality. The Sunwe with the easy to carry design Type-C headset offers one of the great Type-C earbuds. The design of this headphones is entirely suitable for any Android phone or tablet, and as this one of our top pick, it is evident that it comes with some best quality.

Sunwe USB Type C HeadphoneFeatures:

  • They are equipped with the high-resolution Sony DAC chip which helps to convert the standard resolution audio to the superior sound that is lossless.
  • It also has 3D HiFi digital stereo surround balance input.
  • Made from the rigid aluminum material they are light in weight and the housing of it keeps the sound stable for more dynamic performance.
  • With the 3.5mm of port it offers noise-canceling functionality, so if you are playing music at 20-30% of the volume, it won’t let you have any noise.
  • The brand offers 12-months of warranty along with the 30-days no-questions-asked exchange or return policy.

Price: $23.99
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Here’s one of the best USB Type C metal headsets for Android devices with the best HiFi stereo noise reduction technology. Hence, you will get crystal clear sound while listening. Its silver metal design looks great when you wear it.

ANTFEES USB Type C HeadphoneFeatures:

  • Its Hi-Fi stereo noise cancellation technology offers true lossless stereo sound quality and amazing noise isolating effects.
  • It comes with metal housing with aluminum allow which protects scratching.
  • There are three different size rubber earpads, you can choose as per your comfort.
  • Its 47 inches tangle-free cord has enough of length to connect to phone through pockets or bags.
  • Its high-quality microphone offers clarity in voice and video calling.
  • It is available three different color-Gold, White, and Black

Price: $11.99
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#3. Zpisf

The brand Zpisf is a quite favorite brand in the market of the USB Type-C headphones currently and for its few other Type-C accessories too. The headphones are an even top-rated product in the Amazon store. These Type-C headphones combine the quality of sound and design at the same time. Hence, that you have a significant combination of them.

Zpisf USB Type C HeadphoneFeatures:

  • They are also made of rigid aluminum material still the headphones maintain light in weight, and the aluminum housing keeps the sound stable too.
  • Just like Sunwe Type-C headphones, these headphones are even equipped with the high-resolution Sony DAC chip.
  • The chip helps to convert the standard resolution audio into the superior quality of audio and also offers 3D HiFi digital stereo surround balance input.
  • With the 3.5mm of port, it gives you noise free music session. Hence, if you are playing listening to your music at 20-30% volume, it won’t let you have any obstacle of noise.
  • The brand offers 30-days no problem exchange or return policy.

Price: $20.99
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#4. Xiaomi

The Xiaomi brand is known for offering the best smartphones to the world of smartphones. Besides providing only that the brand provides best and top quality Type-C headphones which are now available in the market. These Type-C headphones offer pro-grade sound quality with some fantastic functionality. This all black colored headphones are not only compatible with Xiaomi Mi smartphones they offer universal compatibility.

Xiaomi USB Type C HeadphoneFeatures:

  • The headphones are equipped with Type-C connector that makes ANC charging free and easy.
  • It is also equipped with Broad frequency Active Noise Cancelling that supports the 50-2000Hz power of canceling the background noise.
  • These hybrid earphones are made in such way that also makes sure about excellent sound quality.
  • It is featured with the Titanium-plated metal chamber which is good for fabulous sound quality even while in quiet anywhere and at any time.

Price: $68.99
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KCNEL headphones are may not be the affordable Type-C headphone but compared to the Xiaomi Type-C headphones they are not that much expensive. The way it is designed it not only look fascinating but even it makes comfortable to wear and stay suitable for long hours of wearing without hurting your ear. As it is available in two different colors, you can have great option to make your choice.

KCNEL USB Type C HeadphoneFeatures:

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  • These headphones use the latest digital audio technology that is equipped with complete lossless sound effects.
  • With pure sound and tight bass sound, it also comes with the Hi-Fi level of CDLA standard as well as digital manufacturing.
  • With the premium Hi-Fi Codec, it offers 3D surround sound mode for super noise isolation effects.
  • The ergonomic in-ear design provides premium comfort while wearing them for a longer time.

Price: $25.99
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#6. TriLink

Just like other brands on this list, the brand TriLink is one of the well-known brands in the market for providing the excellent Type-C headphones. And again this brand offers one of the great and comfortable USB Type-C headphones that really can easily connect with most of the smartphone or tablet as it supports complete USB Type-C construction.

TriLink USB Type C EarphonesFeatures:

  • With this pair of headphones to hear every beat and sound of the music with crystal clear with them.
  • It is equipped with the inline control that helps you answer your calls without the need to hold your phone.
  • The long cord of the headphones lets you have a comfortable thread through the clothing and bags too.
  • The brand guarantees 100% satisfaction, and if you are not satisfied with the product, you have your money back.

Price: $39.99
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#7. AMP

AMP offers great gem to this list of best USB Type-C headphones. This top grade quality Type-C earphones can be with most of the smartphones and tablets because of the USB Type-C connector design. This Type-C headphone is little different from earlier discussed headphones as well as going to discuss because of the sturdy construction that it carries that not most of the other product offer.

AMP USB Type C EarphonesFeatures:

  • With dynamic noise reduction and tight bass sound, it is packed with the Hi-Fi level of CDLA standard and with the digital manufacturing.
  • It utilizes the latest digital audio technology with the aluminum alloy construction, and the metal earphone maintains the compact construction to prevent scratching.
  • Besides that, you will have inline control and OFC copper wiring for HiFi sound transmission.
  • The cord is made of durable soft TPE material that offers tangle free use and longer around 47-inches.
  • You will even have the traveling case with the carabiner for convenient carrying of them.

Price: $12.59
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#8. Eamplest

Here come another different designed Type-C earphones from most of the headphones those are listed here. This most of all smartphone compatible headphones are versatile for almost all kinds of activities whether you are at work, even while you are resting. It enables you to enjoy the hands-free music while doing other normal activities.

Eamplest USB Type C EarphonesFeatures:

  • It supports Sony Hi-Res high-quality audio standard that is also equipped with independent DAC decoder chip.
  • The digital Noise cancellation technology helps to reduce the surrounding distractions.
  • It has flat type earphone design that conforms quickly to the ears while providing comfortable and gentle audio frequency.
  • The TPE environment-friendly rubber material is used to make the high-quality twistable cable with the length of 47-inches.

Price: $19.89
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#9. Smart & Cool

For excellent comfort wear along with the securing your ear while wearing headphones for the longest time then try these USB Type-C headphones from the Smart & Cool that is one of the favorite brands in the market right now. The element that makes these headphones different than others is, it offers completely different design with a unique construction that provides comfortable wear.

Smart&Cool USB Type C EarphonesFeatures:

  • It has high-performance 3D surround sound along with the virtual 5.1 channel with stereo simulation.
  • It offers 360 degrees sound field which enables you to hear what you saw.
  • It has the special design that lets you connect to the other Android smart devices with the USB Type-C digital signal output interface.
  • The digital signal processing technology also simulates realistic 3D surround sound for video, gaming, and music too.
  • The small size and lightweight of them make them easy to carry.

Price: $24.99
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#10. Tuoliwei

In the last, we are going give the best Type-C earphone with Hi-Fi digital 3D audio which offers best sound quality. It is compatible with every USB Type C smartphone such are Moto Z, HTC U11, Note 8, S8, LG G6 G5, Pixel 2, Nexus and more.

Tuoliwei Type C HeadphonesFeatures:

  • Its High-Resolution Sony DAC chip converts standard resolution audio (16-bit analog) to superior Lossless Audio (24 bit digital).
  • Its rigid aluminum housing keeps the real sound stable for a richer.
  • This type c headphone provides supreme sound quality experience with its 24bit/96KHz digital audio which replaces traditional 3.5mm port.
  • There is also the 3D sound mode to provide the perfect auditory effect and get the original feel.
  • When you use this headphone, no matter you are public, it will offer the best sound quality while canceling unwanted noise.

Price: $21.99
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After having this exclusive list of the best USB Type C headphones and earphones for your smartphone or tablet, we are sure that you won’t waste time anymore to pick the best for your Android device. What say?? Have any pick for your smartphone or tablet? Which one these you think that fulfill your requirements that you are looking for your USB Type-C headphones and earphones. Or are we leaving behind any best product here on this list of best USB Type-C headphones?

Do let us know about it with your valuable feedback here by commenting on the comments section below or you can leave your comments on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.