USB Type C charging docks are not only an essential smartphone accessory but also an excellent decorative piece. When you place any high-quality charging stand on your workstation, your desk gets a complete makeover. You can quickly connect your smartphone to your computer or laptop and sync your phone data. This means you can charge as well as sync your device data. Get higher transfer speed by using a premium charging station from the list of best USB C charging docks mentioned below.

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Before you buy a USB Type C charging cradle, check the features. I would recommend a dock that is made of a robust material – ABS or aluminum; lower weight; high portability; and quick connection. A cool charging dock allows you to use it in your office and home as well. Another significant feature you should check is built-in protection circuitry; this feature ensures your device safe while it is being charged.

Best USB Type Charging Docks

10 Best USB Type C Charging Docks

#1. AKwor

AKwor USB C Charging Dock

AKwor brings a charging dock that perfectly fits for all Type-C phones. With this desktop charging dock, you can make your smartphone charging easier than ever. It is very convenient to charge your mobile phone when you are in office or home. The built-in protection circuitry prevents overcharge and over-discharge. Apart from charging your device, you will enjoy high-speed data transfer with this charge and sync dock. The dock uses your computer’s existing power supply to charge your Type-C smartphones.


  • Multiple device compatibilities
  • Quick charge
  • Charge and sync dock
  • Built-in protection circuitry


  • Fewer color options
  • Higher price

Price: $8.99
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#2. FanTEK

FanTEK USB C Charging Dock

Another precisely crafted USB-Charging dock for your smartphones and devices. FanTEK presents desktop charging dock that makes your charging more comfortable than earlier. You can fully charge your smart device in less than 80 minutes. Whether you are at the office or home, you can charge your mobile phones with higher convenient.


  • Fast charge
  • Competitive prices
  • Simple design
  • Can charge your device at office/home


  • Not compatible with Google Pixel 2XL

Price: $7.99
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#3. Sinjimoru

Sinjimoru USB C Charging Dock

Though the design of this USB C docking station looks complex, the product is an excellent home decor thing for discerning users. Apart from its aesthetics, the dock boasts firm fit and secure stand to provide better stability while you are charging your smartphone. This nicely crafted charging dock is made of solid aluminum to offer sturdy support for your phones.


  • A beautiful piece for home décor
  • Sturdy support
  • Aluminum material


  • Higher prices
  • Complex design

Price: $21.99
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MEAMOR USB C Charging Dock

The upright design of this charging dock imparts a greater simplicity especially when you want to use this dock in your office. The dock is also compatible with Nintendo Switch and all other Type C mobile phones. The super fast charging coupled with the 3.3-feet length of cable makes it an ideal for all users. This aluminum stand with TPU dock keeps scratching away from your phone. This dock can hold your cellphone steadily with remarkable elegance, durability, and fashion.


  • CNC Technology with TPU
  • Best for vertical viewing angle for video calls
  • Adjustable metal nuts
  • Anti-slip Mat


  • Costlier than other charging docks

Price: $19.99
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YIDASHUN USB C Charging Dock

Experience USB 2.0 high speed charging and data syncing to save your time with YIDASHUN’s USB C charging stand. You can easily connect the charging dock to your laptop or desktop computer through a USB port to enable file syncing for all your music, videos, and photos. Its cradle will give you a good angle for you to use the device. The new generation charging dock is stable for your phones and other devices. Put the dock at multiple locations (like home and office) and increase your convenience and comfort.


  • Lower cost
  • Ergonomic design
  • Made for a new generation
  • Can be placed in multiple locations


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  • Fragile in nature
  • Not made of solid materials

Price: $5.99
Buy it from Amazon

#6. NewRice

NewRice USB Type C Charging Dock

NewRice presents an aluminum stand and TPU dock made of CNC technology and superior quality TPU. This finely crafted dock holds your phone steadily with elegance and durability. Enhance your fashion quotient with this dock that supports nightstand mode. Other notable features of the charging dock are light painting, metal texture, smart chip, fast charging, and security.


  • Widely applicable charging cradle
  • Also compatible with Nintendo Switch
  • 3.3-feet long cord


  • Available only in grey and silver colors

Price: $18.00
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ALLCACA USB Type C Charging Dock

ALLCACA offers a charging dock crafted from high-quality ABS material, which is stable, eco-friendly, and extremely durable in use. Perfection lies in detail; check its anti-slip pad design that protects your phone from scratches and provides a firm grip. The fast-charging quality gives you excellent user experience. The universal and practical Type C interface is compatible with all cell phones with Type C port.


  • ABS material
  • 2000mAh input current
  • Anti-slip pad


  • More weight

Price: $11.98
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#8. Pin Yuan

Pin-Yuan USB Type C Charging Dock

Pin Yuan’s USB C charging station is perfect for travelers, businessmen, and students. The cradle provides a right angle for you to use the device. You can easily connect the dock to your laptop or desktop computers through a USB port, and then you are ready to sync all your music, videos, and photos files. The USB 3.1 high speed charging and data syncing will save your time.


  • USB 3.1 high-speed charging
  • Quick connection to laptop/desktop computers
  • Best for travelers, people in business, and students


  • Doesn’t look attractive on the desk

Price: $5.99
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#9. Spevert

Spevert USB Type C Charging Dock

Spevert gives you 100% brand new and high-quality charging dock that is equipped with a smart chip to increase the charging speed more than twice. The convenient charging feature allows you to insert the charger cradle when you need to charge your device; then pull out after the charging is finished. You can put your phone with a case wrapped on. Check the bottom of the cradle, where you will find a green soft safety rubber that provides this cradle a non-slip design.


  • Smart chip for quick charging
  • Non-slip safety rubber
  • Wide compatibility


  • Not made of robust material

Price: $9.96
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iKNOWTECH USB Type C Charging Dock

iKNOWTECH’s Type-C charging dock precisely follows the USB Type standards, and therefore, the brand has successfully crafted this dock compatible with all latest Type C phones and devices. The two-in-one function of the dock charges your device and syncs data with your computer or laptop. The flexible connector helps you Undock your device without much hassle.


  • Minimal design
  • Elegant exterior
  • Easy docking and undocking


  • More weight (140 grams)
  • Not compatible with thick cases (for example, OtterBox)

Price: $5.99
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