15 Best Tips and Tricks to Let You Use Chromebook Smartly

To save plenty of time use all the 15 best tips and tricks provided here to use your Chromebook fast and make your work more efficient.

It doesn’t matter for how many years you have been using you will be learning new tips and tricks of this OS almost every day. Whenever you know about tips and tricks it will not only save your time while working but also makes your work more efficient. So to make your work easy and efficient we have found not one but 15 tips and tricks. These tips include keyboard shortcuts as well and it will not only make the professionals work easy but will make easy for the newcomers understanding about Chrome OS as well.

One great thing we would like to share with you here is that the tips given here will not only work on Chromebook OS but because of shared codebase, most number of these tips and tricks will work with Chrome browser in Windows, Mac, and Linux as well.

Best Tips and Tricks to Let You Use Chromebook Smartly

15 Best Tips & Tricks for Chromebook OS to Make Your Work Easy and Efficient

#1. Make the App launcher a calculator

Now there is no need to use the exclusive calculator app in your system when you got Chromebook in your possession. All you need to do is to write the sum in the Chrome App Launcher to get the perfect answer, yes just like you do in the Google search engine on your Chrome browser.

#2. Turn the App Launcher into a unit converter

Just like calculator you can also use your Chromebook app launcher into a unit converter as well. Just type a number before turning grams to kilograms, miles to kilometers, gallon to liter etc. and you will get the perfect answer there and then itself.

#3. Use your voice to launch an app

Now you need not search for the app in the entire OS of Chromebook by clicking a mouse all you need to do to say “Ok Google” and then the app name you want to launch. Google launcher in your Chromebook has an inbuilt “always listening” feature so it is ready to listen to you and follow your instruction whenever your Chromebook is open.

#4. Closing the tabs real quick and open the links in the background

If you have a mouse with a clickable button in the middle or you your Chromebook is equipped with a gesture-enabled touchpad then you can easily click and open the links and background and even close them within no time. All you need to do is to click the link which you want to open with the middle button of your mouse or tap with all the three fingers on the touchpad and that’s it! You can open or close that link easily.

#5. Make your bookmark bar more colorful

To save the space on your bookmark bar and make it more colorful with favicon only all you need to do is to follow the simple steps given below.

Step #1. Right click on the bookmark item situated on your bookmark bar.

Step #2. Click on “edit”.

Step #3. Delete entire text in the “name” box and replace it with nothing.

Step #4. Click “Save”.

Now you can repeat the similar process with all your bookmarks button and finally you will see only favicons on your bookmark bar.

#6. Use Omnibar to search on Gmail

Omnibar provided by Chrome can really become the most powerful and extensible tool then you can ever imagine. Just add the custom search engine for a specific site and you can quickly search whatever you want without using a URL bar. Let’s take for example Gmail to set a search engine for it via omnibar. Just follow the steps given below.

Step #1. Right click on the Chrome’s Omnibar.

Step #2. Click on “Edit Search Engines”.

Step #3. Scroll down to the end where you find empty space in three windows and enter following details one by one.

  • Name: Gmail search
  • Keyword: gms (this is just an example you may use the keyword which you use often to search.)
  • URL: https://mail.google.com/mail/ca/u/0/#search/

Step #4. Click on Done.

As we mentioned above you can use these steps on any website with any word and Gmail is just an example. Now you can use the keyword ‘gms’ to search in the Omnibar as many time as you want and it will search for you every time in Gmail.

#7. Break and Add Windows quickly

By using the following keyboard combo you can actually break and add new Windows both from the left and right on Chrome OS in double quick time. Just note down these key combinations.

  • Alt + [ = To break a window/app on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Alt + ] = To break a window/app on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Alt + ] + ] = To add a window/app on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Alt + [ + [ = To add a window/app on the right hand side of the screen.

#8. Add www and .com automatically

Just type the name of a website for example Amazon and then hit Ctrl + Enter and your Chromebook OS will automatically add www and .com where they are required, we mean at the front and the back respectively.

#9. Quick Delete

With Chromebook OS you need not use the mouse much, even when you want to delete the wrong word or a sentence. All you need to point the mouse at the point of the word you want to delete and then hit Alt + backspace and that is it!

#10. Don’t format text, just paste it

Now just paste the text into your email from a word document, web page without formatting on your Chromebook OS. In other words, you need not change the text size or font just paste your text without formatting by using this combination. Ctrl + Alt + v

#11. Don’t use back arrow key

Now jump between the words as easy as anything. Just use Ctrl + the forward key on your keyboard which you use for videos to move forward. Use Ctrl + rewind key on your keyboard which you use for videos to go back.

Similarly to highlight or select the words while you jump the tap use Ctrl + Shift + Forward or Rewind keys of your keyboard which you use while watching videos on your Chromebook.

#12. Opening notifications

By using this combo Ctrl + Alt + n you can quickly open the Chromebook notification and can check if there is any notification which you have not checked yet.

#13. Quick Reboot

We hope you may never need this but should you need a forceful reboot on your Chromebook if it is facing a frozen screen or for other reasons just Press the On/off button on your keyboard + F5 button.

#14. Extended Drive options on your Chromebook

Now Google has added extended Drive options to the File Manager menu of Chromebook. Just press Alt and then Click on the Cog icon and you will see all the drive options like mobile data syncing and Google Docs files.

#15. Fun with App icons

This is rather a meaningless tip but yet it is really funny. While you click on an app icon in the app shelf to maximize or minimize it just hold down the “Shift” key and the animation will be placed with extra slow speed. Try it it’s fun.

So here are all those 15 tips and tricks which will help you to use the Chromebook ever so quickly. Do let us know how was your experience, here in comments or on FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus.