Pokémon Go is by far the most popular augmented-reality game. Catching Pokémon or getting into an ugly gym fight is incredibly fascinating, isn’t it? I’m sure you all are playing this game to your heart’s liking, are you?

As Pokémon Go is still new, not too many folks may have mastered it as yet. That’s why; we have listed out some of the best tips and tricks that will let you play this game with aplomb. Let’s head over the jump to discover all of them!

Best Tips and Tricks to Master Pokémon Go on Android device

Quickly find nearby Pokémon

Just tap on the white rectangular bar at the bottom right of your screen to view Pokémon. A window will appear on the screen; showing which Pokémon is near.

The number of footprints under the Pokémon icons reveals how far away they are. If there is one footprint, the Pokémon is very close to your current position. If there are three footprints, they are far away.

Make the Most of Lucky Eggs

You can temporarily boost your XP using Lucky Eggs. For thirty minutes, the XP will be doubled. You can use it smartly along with Incense to attract Pokémon.

Gather All Items Automatically

At Poké Stops, you just need to tap on the X button in order to gather all the items automatically. Tapping on all of the bubbles that appear to recover the items is a bit time consuming.

Stock Up Items Effortlessly

At Poké Stops, you will be able to stock up Poké balls and other items. As per the routes, the number of Poké Stops will vary. You can get these stuff even when flying past. Simply get your device ready and begin spinning which dials before you reach the Poke Stops.

Catch Every Pokémon

It’s better to catch every single Pokémon coming your way. It doesn’t matter whether you already have that kind of Pokémon or not, you shouldn’t leave out anyone.

You will get additional evolution candy even if you have that kind of Pokémon. Moreover, you will be able to trade the Pokémon to Professor Willow for more candy.

Use candy to Evolve Pokémon

You can use candy to evolve your Pokémon. Candy is specific to the Pokémon you have caught.

You need to spend all of your candy on one common Pokémon in order to make it supremely powerful. A robust Pokémon will be very handy when fighting at gyms.

Save battery

Pokémon Go drains battery rather fast. In order to prevent it from eating into tons of battery, tap on the Poké Ball, tap on the settings icon at the top right and then toggle on the switch next to Battery Saver.

Take Advantage others’ lures

Lure Modules not only affect the person who has invoked it but also anyone in the area. If you are with your friends and find it on the map, you can make the best use of it as well.

Explore More

In order to find a different type of Pokémon, you need to explore as much as possible. Hence, go beyond your area and catch different creatures.

Check Out Rustling Leaves

Check out rustling leaves on your map! They could be the locations of Pokémon. Whenever you see rustling leaves on the map, you must go after them.

Get Extra XP

When you tap and hold a Poké Ball before releasing it at a Pokémon and start moving it in a circular motion, you may see sparks fly. Quickly release the Poke Ball when it happens. If you are able to catch a Pokémon this way, you may receive a 50 XP bonus.

Catch Pikachu as Starting Pokémon

Once you have created a new account and started the game, the professor will ask you to catch your starting Pokémon. Instead of catching a Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle, you need to walk away from them.

You will have to keep walking till your phone vibrates and the three starter Pokémon appear next to you again. Repeat a few time until a Pikachu appears on the screen. Catch it to make it your starting Pokémon.

Don’t Waste Poke Balls

It’s a bit difficult to catch every Pokémon you wish. Therefore, you have got to be a little smart and don’t waste Poke Balls on the Pokémon which is stronger.

Make sure to see the colored ring surrounding a Pokémon. If the ring is smaller, it will be easy to capture the creature. If the color of the ring is green, it will be quite easy to capture. Yellow means it will be a bit difficult and red means it will be very hard to capture.

Disable AR

Turn off AR in order to not only catch Pokémon a bit easily but also save battery. Simply tap on the “AR” symbol in the top right of the screen whenever you encounter a Pokémon.

Spend your coins wisely

You need not spend coins buying Poké Balls. You can get them at Poké Stops. If you want to spend coins, then it’s better to put your money on Incense or Lure Modules to get more XP, Stardust as well as Candy.

How to Hatch Pokémon Eggs Faster

You will find Pokémon eggs while traveling. They hatch once you have walked for several miles. Wish to hatch them quickly? You will need to do more traveling.

Fix Random Crashing or Server Error

There are some annoying issues like random crashing or server error that most Pokémon Go users often encounter. Follow this guide to fix these problems.

Make the most these tips to catch more Pokémon and master this game. It would be great if you share your experience with us.