We have segregated these Thanksgiving apps in two parts. In the first part, you will find top 5 Android apps for Thanksgiving and in the second part, you will get info about the iPhone apps. So get ready and read about all the apps which can make your Thanksgiving preparations grand and easy at the same time.

Best Thanksgiving Apps for Android and iPhone to Prepare Better for the Festival!

5 Best Thanksgiving Apps for Android

#1. The Thanksgiving Greeting Cards App

The name of this app may be Free Valentines Greeting Cards but believe us it can give you some of the best greeting cards options for Thanksgiving also. Because Thanksgiving is not only meant for food it is a festival to thank each and every one who have helped you in one way or the other. If you have forgotten to send a Thanksgiving wish via an email then you can use this app and send them an instant and HD quality greeting card via SMS or email. You can even share that card via Facebook or WhatsApp and other message sharing apps. The best part is that it is an all occasion card app so you can even keep it even after the festival is over.

Price: Free
Download Valentines Greeting Cards app for Android

#2. Timely Alarm Clock

While preparing the Thanksgiving dinner you just can’t keep an eye on turkey which is getting cooked as you have plenty of other things to do as well. Timely Alarm Clock app can help and arrange your work beautifully as it comes with a timer function so you can keep track on your turkey always. The best part is that the app is free and it has plenty more features apart from alarming you at the correct time.

Price: Free
Download Timely Alarm Clock for Android

#3. Allrecipes

You never know what people have started to dislike ever since they left your home after last year’s Thanksgiving dinner. So if you are told to make something different because of your aunt’s health conditions have changed just recently then don’t get confused. Allrecipes is one of the best Android apps for Thanksgiving as if can suggest you recipes based on a variety of factors. It can also suggest what ingredient you can use depending on the dish you want to prepare. You will find many cooking based apps for this Thanksgiving but this ain’t any different than them.

Price: Free
Download Allrecipes for Android

#4. Groupon

Thanksgiving weekend means lots of shopping and to help your shopping problems easier get this Groupon app. The app will tell you where you can find great deals and coupons for business in your nearby area. Not only shopping but you can get plenty of info on food chains and restaurants as well. Keep searching for a place which can give you a coupon and which might help you to find your turkey at a great price!

Price: Free
Download Groupon for Android

#5. TripAdvisor

Planning a trip this Thanksgiving? Then you might be looking for a travel app and we are sure you will get plenty of it. But a great all-in-one solution is TripAdvisor because you can book flights, hotels and also local entertainment while you are traveling. Yes, you must be traveling for only two days but you can find at least one day out of it and can have fun in the town which you are not living in.

Price: Free
Download TripAdvisor for Android

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5 Best Thanksgiving Apps for iPhone

#1. KitchenPad Timer

If you are planning a large dinner this Thanksgiving day then you will need time besides you. We all know that when there is a big dinner cooking things may get cloudy inside the kitchen because you are cooking 3 to 4 items in the kitchen at the same time. The best solution is to have 3 to 4 alarm watches and that exactly this KitchenPad Timer app will provide. You can set different times for different dishes and it will let you know when you need to take a dish out of the stove.

Price: $2.99
Download KitchenPad Timer for iPhone

#2. ESPN SportsCenter

Many of us are as excited about football on Thanksgiving day as we are excited about turkey and stuffing. Who better than ESPN SportsCenter can keep you updated with all the sports you like even when you are cooking. This is one of the best free apps for iPhone which can certainly help you to keep the tune with the scoring when your home is full of guests and kids are moving around. So if you are a big NFL buff and can’t miss the fun then this app is a must for you.

Price: Free
Download ESPN SportsCenter for iPhone


Want to invite in-laws and lot many relatives for Thanksgiving dinner because you haven’t met for many times? There is nothing wrong in that but if you are thinking about what topics you will discuss with them then this app can certainly become a big help for you. TABLETOPICS Seasons can help you by recommending topics to talk about with family that you are expecting for Thanksgiving dinner. Not only that you can even create cards and send to your guests. So make your Thanksgiving dinner more talked about this year.

Price: $0.99
Download TABLETOPICS Seasons for iPhone

#4. OpenTable

If you want to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner fully with your family and don’t want to get involved in cooking then this app will certainly help you. OpenTable will help you to find restaurants near your place and you can just tap and reserve your table in no time. The best part of this app is that it is integrated with Siri so just speak and get served. You can even use this app if you are alone or can’t cook or for any other reasons which stopping you from cooking.

Price: Free
Download OpenTable for iPhone

#5. Simply Organic Recipes

Worried about pesticide sprayed over crops which can harm yours and our family’s health? If you want to make your Thanksgiving dinner totally different then this app can become a boon for you. Simply Organic Recipes app offers you wholesome and healthy products and also their recipes. You can browse through the collection and can cook which best suits you. Every recipe featured in the app are highlighted with key ingredients and can be used to make your dish full of flavor. The app will also help you to find Simply Organic store near to your place.

Price: Free
Download Simply Organic for iPhone


You will find plenty of app recommendations online which are full of food recipe apps only, hence we have taken care that you will find best Thanksgiving apps for Android and iPhone which talks less about food and help you to find comfort. Do let us know how you like this idea here in the comments section.