Here are the suggestions to buy the best Sony Xperia XA1 screen protectors, which will help you to choose a right screen protector for Xperia XA1 smartphone. It is although not easy to choose a correct screen protector because there are many such protectors available in the market with different prices and quality. These suggestions will certainly help you in that regard.

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While picking up screen protectors for you, we made sure that you get the highest quality and also pocket-friendly price. When you go through the list, you will find that even with the brands we made some handpicked choices, and you got only those brands who are ready to offer best screen protectors with a good price or those who offers more than one protector at price of one.

Best Sony Xperia XA1 Screen Protectors

Best Sony Xperia XA1 Screen Protectors


To protect your smartphone’s screen, you need to have the best quality tempered glass screen protector or the best PET film. This AVIDET screen protector has the best-tempered glass quality which can give the highest possible protection to your Sony Xperia XA1’s screen.

  • The hardness of this tempered glass film is world class 9H hardness so that it will fight against any scratch arising from a hard substance like keys and knives easily.
  • The hardness of this protector is just 0.3mm, and that is why you will get the best touch screen experience and also the great viewing experience as well.
  • There are 2.5D curved edges which will prevent the glass from chipping and will also feel smooth on your fingertips.
  • This protector will ensure 100% protection from dust, dirt, water, fingerprints, cracks, dents and smudges all the time.

AVIDET Sony Xperia XA1 Screen Protector

Price: $19.99 [$6.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#2. Toshion

We are sure that you would prefer a screen protector made exclusively for Sony Xperia XA1 smartphone only and you will get one from Toshion. It is not only an exclusive product for this powerful smartphone, but it has an entirely different look as well.

  • The sides and the top of this screen protector have black color so it will give a distinct look to your phone than any other screen protector can.
  • The highest quality tempered glass for Sony Xperia XA1 used in this film, and it is 100% bubble-free as well while you are installing. Also, it will not leave any residue after the removal.
  • The screen protector has inbuilt HD retina quality, and this high transparency will provide you the HD clear viewing.
  • The oleophobic and hydrophobic coating will take care of oil residues, fingerprints and any other impressions arising from sweating as well.

Toshion Sony Xperia XA1 Screen Protector

Price: $16.99
Buy it from Amazon

#3. TopAce

Another top quality screen protector which is coming through TopAce which is also using the premium quality tempered glass film for Sony Xperia XA1. Again, this glass film is just 0.3mm thick, and that is why you will get the best touch experience and also true HD viewing.

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  • The cuts of this screen protector are precise and it will not cover the entire front of the phone but will cover the flat areas and by doing that will eventually protect the entire screen.
  • The product is durable and anti-scrap, the strength lies in the 9H toughness of the film which is super worn resistant and will prevent bubbles while installing the film.
  • Also, you will find that this protector gives you protection against glare and radiation so that you will have a safe viewing as well.
  • High definition clarity will maximize the transparency, and that will allow you to look at the screen without any distortion or glare to your eyes.

TopAce Sony Xperia XA1 Screen Protector

Price: $16.99 [$6.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon


You will get two screen protectors for Sony Xperia XA1 in one pack from MKOVON for that you need to pay for just one piece of the screen protector. You will get all the helping accessories in this kit for an easy installation. The screen protector may look smaller because it has curved surface.

  • The protector has compatible con retina so your eyes can adjust quickly and hence you will get the exact HD quality experience.
  • The surface is transparent, so you will not get glare even while your phone exposed to broad daylight.
  • Fingerprints and other oil residues will not affect the viewing experience as this protector is fully protected by it.
  • Because the film is extremely thin, you will get the high touch experience just like touching the original screen.

MIKVON Sony Xperia XA1 Screen Protector

Price: $1.75
Buy it from Amazon


If MIKVON is giving you two protectors in one pack, then DISAGU is giving six protectors in one pack and that too by paying for just one number. Again this screen protector will look smaller in size because of the curved surface.

  • This film developed specially for Sony Xperia XA1, and hence it will give you the best, clear and crystal clear viewing.
  • The special coating on the protector will keep the fingerprints, oil residues sweat away, and it is also easy to clean too.
  • Although, you will be able to install this protector easily if you can’t then can repeat the process as many time as you want to and it will leave no bubble at all.
  • The curves cut according to the screen space, and thus the screen protector is free from chipping and will give smooth feeling to your fingers.

DISAGU Sony Xperia XA1 Screen Protector

Price: $1.89
Buy it on

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These suggestions to buy the best Sony Xperia XA1 screen protectors will certainly help you to find a great protector for your smartphone’s screen. Tell us when you pick up one of these protectors listed above on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and also here in the comments section.