Nowadays, Smartwatch is one of the best gifts for kids. Along with showing a time, the good smartwatch lets kids play games, use a calculator, get a text from parents, and a few more activities. There is one most important feature that every parent would want on their kid’s smartwatch is GPS tracker. That makes easy for parents to keep an eye on their children and track their current location.

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Here we have listed ten smartwatches with that you can easily keep track of your child’s activity in real time. Many of them also featured an SOS button to handle any emergency situation. Alongside, all these smartwatches have good features that your kid can enjoy by playing games, clicking pictures, and more. If you want to give a perfect birthday gift to your child, then picking one from this smartwatch list would be a great idea.

Best Smartwatch for Kids10 Best Smartwatch for Kids and Teens

#1. VTech

The looks of this smartwatch are such that your kid will certainly fall for it. Taking the kids’ age between 4 and 9 into the consideration makes this smartwatch. Because this is a kid’s smartwatch, it will keep the kids engaged with games and activities.

Kids Smart WatchFeatures of VTech Smartwatch

  • There are 3 fun activities, 5 games and 3 action challenges and also a motion sensor.
  • This edition of VTech comes with 2 changeable wristbands, and your kid will love both the colors.
  • You kid can take plenty of pictures and videos, which will unearth the photography talent in them.
  • Apart from the camera, there is a voice recorder and voice-changing effects inbuilt in this kids smartwatch.
  • Additional features like alarm, timer, stopwatch, and calendar will help the kids more.
  • There is also an inbuilt calculator that will be helpful to solve the mathematics problems.
  • This splash-proof smartwatch can resist routine and accidental splashes not advised for shower etc.
  • Also, has Rechargeable lithium battery and USB cable to upload pictures and videos taken by your kid into the computer.
  • Perfect choice for you to keep your child engaged for an entire day and to address your safety concerns about your kid.

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#2. Orbo

This Orbo kids Smartwatch is so adorable that we are not finding any suitable words for it. Not only the looks but two color choices like pink and blue make it more desirable as well.

Orbo Kids SmartwatchFeatures of Orbo Smartwatch

  • Your kids will get hours of entertainment from this smartwatch apart from reading the time.
  • Vivid Display and Highly intuitive menus and the capacitive touchscreen will keep your kid occupied.
  • The smartwatch is equipped with Bluetooth so it can connect to any smartphone and you can remain in touch with your kids.
  • Inbuilt camera and 1GB memory allow your kid to take the bulk of photographs.
  • Orbo is one of the most respected brands for kids smartwatches, so you can trust this product without any doubt.

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#3. Garmin

If your kid is biggest fan Captain America, then this smartwatch could be the best gift ever for your child. The watch has complete Captain America’s shield style design with the lightweight material. It one of the most beautiful kid’s activity tracker by Garmin.

Garmin Smartwatch for KidsFeatures of Garmin Smartwatch

  • It is a swim-friendly activity tracker with the Captain America theme.
  • It is a tough adjustable band with the customizable color screen to protect and add style.
  • It provides a guarantee of more than one-year battery life without needing charging.
  • You can easily sync it with the mobile phone.
  • It has a perfect schedule alert tools for the parent.
  • It also allows kids to set a daily 60 goal and complete it without the one hour.
  • You can also track your daily steps and sleep.

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#4. Padgene

Your kid will have awesome seven color choices from this Padgene smartwatch for kids. But, this Smartwatch is not limited to attractive colors only it has some impressive features as well.

Gsm Bluetooth Smart WatchFeatures of Padgene Smartwatch

  • Fantastic features like Passo meters, sleep tracker, message reminder, call reminder, call answer, dial call, remote control and push message, you will get them all with this smartwatch.
  • This smartwatch is compatible with all Android smartphone and iOS-enabled mobile phones.
  • The bidirectional anti-loss feature will allow a smart search just in case you are not able to search your smartwatch.
  • Allows not only video recording but also MP3 local playback to keep your kids entertained.
  • A Bluetooth music-playing feature will allow you to make sure your child hears what you want him to.

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As the name ‘TURNME ON’ suggests, you just need to purchase this smartwatch for your kid and turn it on as it has 7 days free plan attached. So, once you are well versed with its entire feature, you can choose a plan of your choice.

Touch Watches For KidsFeatures of TURNME ON smartwatch

  • This is a kids GPS smartwatch as you can get an accurate location for your kid and that too with real-time tracking.
  • You can record the GPS tracking route of three months.
  • Crisp mixed color design with 1.44-inch display certainly makes this smartwatch more desirable to kids than other such watches.
  • Unique inbuilt flashlight plays an important role just in case your child is any Emergency. It will also bring a sense of security in your child.
  • Feed important family numbers in the partner app, and when your kid presses the SOS key, the watch will make a call to all those numbers instantly.

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This is a Smartwatch, which is loaded with safety features for your kid. Apart from these functions, you will also get a free GPS SIM card so that you can start using this smartwatch instantly.

Kids Gps SmartwatchFeatures of AMENON smartwatch

  • Two-way positioning is the main feature of this smartwatch, which means double safety for your kids.
  • The location tracking and checking the position of the kid will remain for an entire day.
  • Parents can continuously hear the voice coming from the watch in their smartphone app, so they stay aware of child’s activity via this kids smart watch phone.
  • Both kids and parents can dial from and to the watch just to make each other fee secured.
  • Stunning looks and vibrant colors can add more value to this smartwatch.
  • Comfortable to wear as the material is smooth and will not give any rashes to your child’s soft skin.

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#7. Kurio

You can easily call this one of the best touchscreen watches for kids as it has the best high-resolution touch screen which can compete with any smartwatch made for adults. Loaded with 256MB internal memory and extra 32GB memory card, your child will be free to click photos and load videos through this smartwatch.

Coolest Kids Smart WatchFeatures of Kurio Smartwatch

  • The rechargeable lithium battery will keep the watch going for hours.
  • USB cable can charge the watch and also ideal for transferring data.
  • Productivity tools like alarm, calendar, contacts, calculator and activity tracker and much more.
  • Packed with 20 games and apps, which your child will love for sure.
  • Kids can play games in single and two player’s mode.
  • Easy to send messages via Bluetooth to other Kurio watches and any smartphones.
  • Parents can enter their kid’s critical data like medical information to help medics in case of medical emergency.
  • You will probably not see any other smartwatch made for kids with so many features and also taking care of your security concerns as well.

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#8. Garmin

Because of its sleek and compact design, one can easily call this Garmin smartwatch as the coolest kids smartwatch. Although the red color looks stunning on this watch, you can also select from yellow and floral design options as well.

Best Kids Smart WatchFeatures of Garmin smartwatch

  • Unlike other Smartwatches, we presented this smartwatch comes with a fixed battery of 1-year life.
  • The smartwatch is swim-friendly and has 5 ATM water resistance.
  • Band fits your child’s wrists easily and gives constant comfort feeling.
  • Best for the kids between 4 years and 9 years.
  • Compatible with all Android and iOS enabled smartphones.

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#9. Tick Talk

You might witness many touch watches for kids, but you will probably not see such smartwatch loaded with some great features which this high-end Tick Talk smartwatch has.

Touch Screen Watches For KidsFeatures of Tick Talk smartwatch

  • The smartwatch is the newest version with a high-resolution touch panel.
  • Bigger icon design easy to swipe and control for kids.
  • Kids can call and receive calls from the watch itself.
  • Easy to locate your kids wearing this smartwatch via GPS locator in partner app.
  • Pre-loaded $5 SIM card enables you to start using this watch instantly.
  • This is a rare smartwatch for kids who have almost zero confusing features and has simple functions for each need of your kid.

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#10. LEMFO

This kids smartwatch acts like a bracelet when the child wears it so that it will be very comfortable for your kids if he or she wears it for an entire length of the day. The quality-designed smartwatch from LEMFO is also a product of environmentally friendly material.

Best Kids Smart WatchFeatures for LEMFO smartwatch

  • The LED screen is perfect for children’s eyesight, and it adjusts with the bright light easily.
  • Get all day tracking and that too real time so that you will know about your kid’s whereabouts all the time.
  • Inbuilt SOS button so your kid can call the SOS number with just one press just in case of emergency.
  • You can also choose activity areas for your kids on the APP maps so when your kid crosses any of these areas your app will send you an alarm.
  • A great look will automatically keep your child engaged with it as it is highly attractive, to say the least.

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Well, if you want to be specific about safety about your kids and do not want to have a smartwatch loaded with features then you can also check our suggestions for the best GPS tracking watches for kids.


So, here we are at the end of this exclusive list of the best smartwatch for kids. We are sure that after going through this list you must have decided to buy a best kids’ smartwatch. So when you buy any of the products from above just let us know about it here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for the benefit of our other readers.