GoPro is world’s best versatile smart camera to capture photos and record videos in HD quality. Well, you can even take selfies in a better way with the professional touch if you have the best GoPro selfie stick. You can use the selfie stick to capture the best memories with your friends and family, whether you are on the mountain or at the seashore.

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To make your task easy, we have come to help you select the best selfie stick for GoPro so that you cannot compromise the picture quality. You will find here the best GoPro selfie sticks with multiple functions and a good bargain as well. They all have comfortable touch and stable grip, so you don’t have to worry about falling. Some of these are made to give almost every angle to take the best selfie. They have enough length to take a wide group selfie. Well, most of them are compatible with smartphones as well. Are you ready to take the best selfie on your GoPro? If so, then go ahead!

Best Selfie Sticks for GoPro

Best Selfie Sticks for GoPro Camera

#1. Wareway

Wareway Selfie Stick for GoPro

One of the perfect selfie sticks for a GoPro is presented by Wareway. The camera holder of this selfie stick can rotate up to 180 degrees to control almost all the angles you want to click. There is a non-slip soft foam handle which will give you comfortable touch and grip so that the stick doesn’t get the slide off from your grip. There is another protection in terms of a wrist strap which can be held in your hand for the security of your camera.

Price: $14.49
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SANDMARC Selfie Stick for GoPro

This is the best waterproof GoPro selfie stick because it is entirely made from black aluminum. With best rubber grip and adjustable wrist strap, the double protection is guaranteed. This selfie stick is specially designed for GoPro only and hence it has been cut precisely for the best use. The length of the stick is from 17 to 40” and it weighs only 90 oz so you can use it with comfort and no extra weight is added. The removable mount allows more gadgets as well hence this selfie stick can be used with multiple photos taking machines.

Price: $39.99
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#3. Shineda

Shineda Selfie Stick for GoPro

This is selfie stick made for your GoPro camera has one of the best finishing. It is having matte colored aluminum alloy telescopic extended monopod pole for an easy use. This selfie stick has four different colors to choose from. The unextended length of the stick is 11”, whereas the extended length is 36”. With twist lock, your gadget will always remain safe for sure.

Price: $9.99
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#4. GoRad Gear

GoRad Gear Selfie Stick for GoPro

The sturdy nature of this selfie stick can allow it to be used in any extreme activities. With the entire pro features, one can use this tool with utmost ease. The pole of this selfie stick can be adjusted from 17” to 40” and can be used for camera grip for static and close up shots. This GoRad Gear selfie stick comes with a Nylon Carrying back worth $7.85 for free, so once you are done with your work you can easily rest your stick in it.

Price: $27.85
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SELFIE WORLD Selfie Stick for GoPro

SELFIE WORLD is providing us a GoPro selfie stick with remote so now you got an extra ease to click your favorite picture. Apart from GoPro camera, this selfie stick is compatible with most of the gadgets so you can have multiple uses of this stick. One can easily use this stick indoors, outdoors and even underwater. The stick can be extended from 16 to 50 inches so a vast number of the area can be covered.

Price: $34.99
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#6. Luxebell

Luxebell Selfie Stick for GoPro

One can easily carry this flexible selfie stick in his pocket because it has this fantastic design. The reach of this selfie stick is between 6.6 inches to 18.1 inches so that you can get enough extension to click your best picture. Because of its compact design, it is extremely lightweight and has only 3.4 oz weight. Because of its design for those selfie clickers who travel a lot, this is the best tool they can ever ask for.

Price: $8.99
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#7. The Alaska Life

The Alaska Life Selfie Stick for GoPro

For those who are looking for a value in their purchase, this is probably the best option for them. This selfie stick is made for universal usage so apart from your GoPro you can use it for the other gadgets as well. It is the most rugged and durable selfie sticks you will find in the market. A extra 1/4×20 thread at the bottom will also able you to attach a tripod for clicking a self-standing monopod.

Price: $26.95
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#8. MiPremium

MiPremium Selfie Stick for GoPro

This selfie stick by MiPremium has been made from a high-end waterproof aluminum alloy material which means you can use this stick underwater as well. With rubber, no-slip grip this stick offers more durability and enhances the stability of your GoPro footage. The length of this stick can be extended from 11.5 inches to a whopping 37 inches. Because it has a long extension it can give you a wide range compatibility with ease.

Price: $16.49
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#9. Fugetek

Fugetek Selfie Stick for GoPro

This selfie stick has one of the longest extension you can ever imagine. It can be extended to 49 inches and because of it, one can hardly feel that the picture taken is by the way of selfie. The material used in this stick is wobble free and extremely durable. The Bluetooth remote connects faster than any other remotes and has a standby life of around 300 hours.

Price: $17.99
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Whether you are a pro photographer or you take pictures for your pleasure and having a GoPro camera at your disposal, then these selfie sticks for GoPro can give you an extra comfort while clicking your photographs. So, which one you are buying? Do let us know here in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.