The Nintendo Switch gaming console comes with just 32 GB internal spaces, which probably is not enough if you are looking to purchase more games to play. So to feel not being left out from playing the games, which always excite you, here are the best Micro SD card for Nintendo Switch selected just for you, that can be a great addition to your best Nintendo Switch accessories.

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Nintendo specifies that you got to have UHS-3 SD Cards to get the perfect result from the games because they have writing speed of 30 MB per second and thus you get a good game boot time. We took care of this specification from Nintendo and selected only UHS-3 SD cards, and all these Micro SD cards have even better-writing speed than 30 MB per second.
Best SD Card for Nintendo Switch

Best Micro SD Card for Nintendo Switch

#1. Lexar (128 GB)

If you feel that you must start with a 128 GB SD card as lower capacity cards may not be enough for you to enjoy the game properly then try this Lexar 128 GB micro SD card, which offers you a great speed along with the big storage option as well.

28gb sd card for nintendo switchFeatures of Lexar (128 GB) SD Card

  • The SD card is compatible with many smart gadgets and if you wish you can use it for them apart from your switch.
  • The power of this Lexar 128 GB card relies on the speed it provides, and it can load the game in just 10.1 seconds.
  • It can generate speeds up to 95 MB/s for reading and 20 MB/s to write.

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#2. SanDisk (200 GB)

If you feel that even 128 GB is not enough to keep your gaming experience smooth on Nintendo Switch then how about going for more? Here is a 200 GB memory card from SanDisk for you.

200gb sd card for nintendo switchFeatures of SanDisk (200 GB) SD Card

  • Having one of the fastest game boot time of 9.8 seconds.
  • Get up to 90 MB per second read speed.
  • Proof against water, temperature, shock, x-ray, and magnet.
  • SanDisk offers ten years limited warranty.

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#3. PNY (128 GB)

This SD card is almost in the same line with Lexar SD card we just talked about earlier. Although it offers slower speed while reading but still it is a worth looking at accessory for sure.

best sd card for nintendo switchFeatures of PNY (128 GB) SD Card

  • Provides 85 MB per second read speed.
  • You will get a game boot time of 10.1 seconds from this SD Card.
  • Compatible with most of the smart gadget.
  • Get the clear-cut gaming experience while playing a game on PNY SD Card.

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#4. Samsung EVO+ (256 GB)

Let us check out what one more market leader, Samsung has to offer with its Samsung Evo+ 256 GB SD card which we can use for our Nintendo Switch for smooth gaming function.

256gb sd card for nintendo switchFeatures of Samsung EVO+ (256GB) SD Card

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  • Store your games and get the smooth functioning.
  • This SD card can give you the game boot time around 9.9 seconds.
  • It has up to 95 MB per second read speed and a good 90 MB per second write speed.
  • Because of the excellent speed best choice for Nintendo gamers.

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#5. Kingston Digital

If you don’t want to invest much on an SD card but still want to have some extra space for your Switch, then you should look for this Micro SD card from Kingston Digital.

best nintendo switch sd cardFeatures of Kingston Digital (64 GB – with Adapter) SD Card

  • Shockproof, Waterproof and temperature proof.
  • The card is immune to x-rays as well.
  • Best to perform in harsh environments.
  • It provides up to 90 MB per second read speed and 45 MB per second write speed.
  • Your Nintendo Switch games will take 9.9-boot time with this SD card.

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#6. Kingston Digital

This is one more small in the capacity card from Kingston Digital. This one doesn’t come with an adapter like the previous one, but it is almost the same in size and function.

64gb sd card for nintendo switchFeatures of Kingston Digital (64 GB – without adapter) SD Card

  • The SD card provides a good reading speed of 90 MB per second and writing speed of 45 MB per second.
  • Get the game boot time of 10.1 seconds.
  • Compatible with most of the smart gadgets.
  • Can work in extreme working conditions without any trouble.

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#7. ADATA (64 GB)

Although this SD card gives you minimum possible storage capacity, we are still selecting it as a good option because of its other excellent features and speed.

best nintendo switch micro sd cardFeatures of ADATA (64 GB) SD Card

  • Get the fast speed with a good price tag.
  • Extremely durable SD card that can work under any demanding condition.
  • The card gives reading speed of 95 MB per second and 90 MB per second write speed, which is an excellent combination for such a small storage.
  • The game boot time you will get is 9.9 second that too is good enough to purchase it.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty with this product.

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#8. SanDisk Ultra (64 GB)

If we are talking about the best SD card for Nintendo Switch and ignore the best seller on Amazon, then it will be a great injustice. This SanDisk Ultra 64 GB SD card is labeled as the ‘Best Seller’ on Amazon and over 23, 000 customers are giving their best ratings.

best nintendo switch memory cardFeatures of SanDisk Ultra (64 GB) SD Card

  • It provides 80 MB per second of overall transfer speed that is regarded as good.
  • If you are for the physical purchase of games, then this card has enough space to store them.
  • Comes with an adapter that you can use in your camera.
  • Shockproof, X-ray proof and magnet proof.

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While selecting the best Micro SD Card for Nintendo Switch, we decided to give you only the best ones, and that is why you may find this list short. All these products carry a high level of trust, and thus you can purchase anyone of them which you feel the best.

Once you select one of these SD Cards do let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section.