Screen recording software is best for those who are auditory and visual learners. If you use best screen recording software for Windows then you can have plenty of benefits as well. You can demonstrate a process to someone step by step. You can record tips and tricks and show people later with ease. While playing games you can even share points.

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It is always advisable to have screen recording software for your personal or professional use to explain things in a much better way. Now the captured videos can be uploaded on YouTube as well so once you upload them you can share them on all social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Here we are with the best out of the best screen recording software for windows. As we already have first-hand knowledge about Record Screen in Windows 10 without using any Third Party Software.

Best Screen Recording Software for Windows

10 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows

#1. Camtasia

Camtasia Video Editor and Screen Recorder for Windows

Now with Camtasia screen recording you can record like professional with no effort at all. You can even import HD video into your recording from an external source if you are using Camtasia. This software will let you make some of the best videos for classroom or a workplace. Camtasia has Google drive integration so you can directly save your recorded video there. Mind you the demo software is free for 30 days only and it doesn’t allow you to record professional videos.

Download Camtasia Software

#2. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Apps Screen Recorder

This recorder is presented by the well-known software company Icecream. It is completely free software and it supports most of the Windows versions. If you are a die hard Windows PC user then Icecream Screen Recorder is the best solution for you. It allows you to work with plenty of features which can get your creative side out. You have the hotkey support, screenshot to the URLs, audio settings and much more. A must look software for sure.

Download Icecream Screen Recorder Software

#3. iSpring Free Cam

iSpring Free Cam - Free Screen Recording & Video Editing Software

This screen recording software is compatible with all the Windows versions and it can allow you to record a screencast with utmost ease. You will be helped by a number of editing tools and functions. You can delete certain sections of video and can also remove background noise easily. Not only this one may also apply few audio effects too in the background. It is extremely easy to upload on YouTube as well because the file is saved as WMV file. The only drawback is that it can’t record webcams.

Download iSpring Free Cam Software

#4. ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter - Screen Recording & Interactive ELearning Authoring Software

If you want to present an educational tutorial then you must have a look at this screen recording software. It focuses mostly on making any screenshot or recording look attractive so you can feel free to explain it in an easy way to the students. It has certain features like callouts, voiceover, annotations, graphics and much more. The main version is free but if you like it and want to upgrade then standard and professional versions are also available.

Download ActivePresenter Software

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#5. Screencast – O – Matic


Unlike few other screen recording software, Screencast – O – Matic allows you to record even from your webcam apart from your computer screen. With this software you can upload your videos directly to YouTube or there is another option which is uploading your video to Screencast – O – Matic’s free server. The best benefit of this software is that you can record up to 15 minutes of length. The negative part of it that your video always has a watermark with company’s name.

Download ScreenCast-O-Matic Software

#6. CamStudio

Camstudio - Free downloads and reviews

This is one of the most popular and widely used screen recording software for windows. It is a little-known fact that this software has actually broken many records. But you will be surprised to know that CamStudio actually does not give too many features like other software we have mentioned here. The only benefit it serves is that you can add sounds from multiple sources. Sometimes even simpler things can create big magic, isn’t it?

Download CamStudio Software

#7. Screenflow

Screencasting and Video Editing Software _ Telestream ScreenFlow

You can record anything with Screenflow which is one of the best video capture software you will ever witness. It can record entire monitor area and also a webcam. You can also use your microphone and computer audio at one go. The editing on Screenflow is extremely easy and so is the sharing with major software platforms. The best screen capture quality will be found with only Screenflow. Only thing is that upgrades are not free and you need to pay for it.

Download Screenflow Software

#8. Snagit

Snagit Software

TechSmith the makers of Camtasia has brought another such software called Snagit. This software is already been used by many professionals and individuals. There is a free trial software available to start with but you need to pay a big one for its paid tool. It is integrated with cloud services so you can store your recorded videos there. If you wish you can get the pay software because you will not be disappointed for sure.

Download Snagit Software

#9. SmartPixel

SmartPixel - Video Screen Capture & Editor Software

The first look at this software may let you think that it is meant for games only but let us tell you SmartPixel is ready to record anything happening on your screen. This recording software can record your screen with smoothness and seamless and you will know that when you play that recorded video. As per SmartPixel’s claim they use advanced video compression technology which helps to create high-quality videos and that will only improve the disk space utilization.

Download SmartPixel Software

#10. EZVID

Ezvid The Best Free Screen Recorder

If you have recorded a video and you are in a hurry to upload it on YouTube then we advise you to have EZVID as soon as possible. You need not to even find an outside editor with EZVID and that is its biggest plus point because it comes with an integrated video editor. It has some very helpful tools like speed control, speech synthesis etc. The only negative is that it supports only Windows XP to Windows 8.

Download EZVID Software


With these best screen recording software for Windows, your life will become extremely easy if you have to make a big presentation or video based tutorials often. Tell us your experience with one of this software here in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.