There were days when we used to play those dotted Interfaced video games at home and in some countries they were available at video parlors only. But now the time has changed. After video game gone digital, they can be found on smart devices, and the ultimate level is VR gaming. So, here we are with the best Samsung Gear VR games which we have selected just for you.

In this exclusive list of the Virtual Reality Games for your Samsung Gear VR, there are many games which will totally turn your gaming experience. If you are using VR for the first time, then let us tell you it can become addictive for sure.

We are also providing you a great mixture of paid and free Gear VR games so that you can choose the download according to your budget.

10 Best Samsung Gear VR (Virtual Reality) Games

Before we start knowing more about each game, let us clarify that all these games are distributed by Oculus which is an integral part of Samsung Gear VR, and hence we stuck with the official download links of Oculus only and avoided any third party downloads.

So, just feel free and get the original and high-quality VR games only from Oculus from the download links given just below the game description.

#1. Dark Days

If you are a fan of horror games, then you will certainly like Dark Days. With the virtual reality images and surround sound the effect of the game will be more frightful. This is a story of a lost soul which is stuck in a hotel room, and different characters are helping you to know what is going on. While playing this game, you would feel that you are a part of the story and not playing a game.

It is a single player game and you will need no WiFi connection to play it. Most of the game reviewers have given a big thumbs up to this game. Hence we feel that we should also give it a try. So if you are ready to get thrilled by paying a small price, get Dark Eyes on your Samsung Gear VR headset. So, get, set, terrified and enjoy the horror gaming on your VR!

Price: $7.99
Download Dark Eyes from Oculus

#2. Manchester

Manchester will make you remember of those good old games you used to play during your childhood with its retro colors. It is a racing game where you have to switch lanes to pass obstacles and avoid getting hit by rockets. You need to collect the green dot in the sky to achieve good heights in the game.

The best part of this game is that it comes with five game packs and thus you can play four games extra by paying for just one game. Very comfortable in playing and both kids aging more than 3 years and adults can enjoy it at par.

Although you cannot say that Manchester is the game meant for VR but it keeps on luring you to achieve more and more and that is where you forget everything and enjoy the gaming.

Price: $2.99
Download Manchester from Oculus

#3. Great Header

When you play soccer in the field, you need to use your foot and head to score a goal. With Great Header VR game for Samsung Gear VR, you can use your head and touchpad to score more and more. Here the combination of head and the touchpad will let you hit the targets, balloons and more.

This game has no story behind it all you need to do is to achieve higher goals all the time. One of the best games for killing time and what’s more the game comes for free, so you can always play it whenever you wish to. So, if you are carrying a soccer dream, then Great Header is meant for you.

Price: Free
Download Great Header from Oculus

#4. Minecraft

One can easily say that Minecraft is one of the most popular games seen in any generation. Now Minecraft has become one of the premium Virtual Reality games for Samsung Gear VR, and it has the same old blend of building blocks, explore and battling mobs. This Gear VR version of Minecraft is a pocket edition, and you can play with your friend and play on the pocket edition servers. You can play two modes in which one of the modes will allow you to play as the main character and the second mode is like playing the game on your TV or phone screen with ease.

Minecraft is told to be a very addictive game, and one can keep on playing for hours, and that is why you probably need a lightweight playing Samsung Gear VR.

Price: $6.99
Download Minecraft from Oculus

#5. Lands End

Lands End is one of the best-reviewed games which is available on Samsung Gear VR. The game is a puzzle game which has five different chapters. You will experience the serene sunsets, blocky mountains, and other beautiful backgrounds while playing Lands End and that too in VR which will be ultimate. Enter at the one end of the landscape and keep on solving the puzzles till you get the exit and reach the next level.

It is very simple to control this games, and the instructions given are very easy to understand as well. Major tech gurus like WIRED, The Verge, Engadget, and CNET have praised this game like anything.

Price: $5.99
Download Land’s End from Oculus

#6. Anshar Wars 2

This is part 2 of the Anshar Wars game in which you have to fly a variety of spacecraft by the movements of your head. To shoot the enemies, you need to use the touchpad. You got space crafts like Ansharian Fighter, Bomber and EMP ships which are available across 13 large mission fields. You not only have to eliminate your enemies but also have to dodge space debris and asteroid fields by steering your shop also by moving your head.

The best part of this game is the 360-degree view, and it will be well advised if you use a swiveling chair to get the best out of this feature. You can even fly to alien planets and have to hit the ground targets while battling with enemies in the air.

Price: $9.99
Download Anshar Wars 2 from Oculus

#7. Oculus Arcade

Once you see Oculus Arcade, you will probably call it one of the best free games for Samsung Gear VR. Actually, Oculus Arcade is a pack of the good old time games like Pac-Man, Sonic, Galaga, Defender, Gauntlet, Sega, Midway, and Namco. So if you want to go back to the memories without paying anything at all, then Oculus Arcade is the place for you. Mind you all these games are 2D games, but for the old time’s sake, it is worth trying to play on Samsung Gear VR.

Although Oculus Arcade is a free game but to play unlimited games, you need to pay. It would sound and feel odd to play small 2D games in a VR headset but as we said anything to relive the childhood memories.

Price: Free
Download Oculus Arcade from Oculus

#8. Hitman Go: VR Edition

Hitman Go is a turn-based strategy VR game which is beautifully purified in diorama-style set pieces. What you need to do is to make your navigation strategy on a fixed space given on the grid to avoid enemies and take out your target or just infiltrate into the well-guarded locations. This is an action game, but you will certainly need to use a lot from your mind and think your next strategy carefully. You will get amazing tools like disguises, sniper rifles, distractions and much more.

Hitman Go belongs to the ‘Go Family’ which produced Laura Croft Go and Deus Ex Go games in the past. Hitman Go became hugely popular on Google Play Store, and now it is here with its VR version on Samsung Gear VR.

Price: $7.99
Download Hitman Go: VR Edition from Oculus

#9. Skylight

One of the best games on Samsung VR for the age group of 12 and above. This is another space mission game, and at the starting point, it shows you a holographic projector which indicates that your fleet is floating in the space and waiting for your orders while it is facing the enemies. So, right from the beginning, it becomes very captivated. Get the entire fleet of fighters, specialized frigates, and giant capital ships as you take charge towards the victory.

Although you need to have an internet connection for the downloadable content, you will not need the internet to play it. The game is absolutely free to download and play but to play the full game, you need to do the in-app purchases which will cost you around $4.99.

Price: Free
Download Skylight from Oculus

#10. Totems in Dreamland

This is a story based game where a small boy Xiaoshan falls asleep while reading a book about legendary lost totems. After falling asleep Xiaoshan goes into a mystic dreamland where he has to fight against orcs, dragons, mummies and has to collect the totems. In the game your head becomes Xiaoshan, and you have to use the touchpad or one of the best gamepads for Samsung VR to jump and avoid the enemies. You can just move your neck and feel relaxed to get the maximum out of your game.

The atmosphere of the game is extremely dreaming like where you can see floors and walls having different angles which we generally don’t find in our world. All in all, it is a very innocent and a good game to kill your time, and it is available for free.

Price: Free
Download Totems In Dreamland from Oculus


#11. Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR

There were different opinions about the Suicide Squad movie when it was released. Whatever the views were about the film, this official game of the movie will certainly let you enjoy the actual VR world. You can become one of the three top characters of the movie and then you are out there to save the world from increasingly challenging piles of enemies. To increase your scores, you need to hit the combos, and that will also let you survive for long as you keep on marching ahead on the leaderboard.

The game is very easy to play and will not be much botheration for your device. So, just go and save the world from its enemies!

Price: Free
Download Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR from Oculus

We made sure that you get the choice from all kinds of VR games and this list doesn’t become stereotyped or one-sided at all. If you check the list given above carefully.

You may also know about how to set up Gear VR with Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and enhance your VR experience fully with best Samsung Gear VR accessories.

Hope, by checking this article thoroughly you will appreciate our collection of the best Samsung Gear VR games and will surely appreciate our efforts along with your feedback on the games you downloaded on your VR headset after going through this list here in the comments section given below.